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    Current Blessed Zones

    Hello. I have not played in a long time. But I am here now, and currently leveling a warrior (and eventually druid) in the ~20-60 range (level 18 atm, druid is 36). Anyway, I noticed the blessed zones are heavily skewed towards endgame 65+ areas at the moment. This is understandable given the...
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    Seems pretty quiet these days

    Been playing with my aforementioned friend the last few days, around 9-11 PM PST. It's so dead... I don't think I've ever seen it this dead in the years I've been playing on and off. Like an average of ~30-40 players on when we are playing. I'm going to do my part and try to advocate SOD on...
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    I'm streaming! very entertaining Blackburrow leveling! woo. ps pls change the blessed zones ty
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    How are things?

    I feel like I probably make these posts like twice a year, I don't remember the last time though. How are things in Dalaya? I see 2.5 is quickly becoming a reality. Thats rad as hell guys. My question, hows now for a good time to come play? should I jump on the 2.5 beta server? Is it...
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    Can anyone explain how/what haste affects exactly as far as attack speed? Like, is there a formula or something? It's just confusing that its described as a % but attack delay is based on a numerical value unique to each weapon. Like, if you had a 20 delay weapon and 250% haste what would...
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    WTB Bonded Blade of the Torturer

    does this really exist? how much would it cost? I can't get it myself.
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    Anyone watch the live stream? Absolutely nuts! It's obviously in pre-alpha but the framework is amazing. Really hope they deliver on the 'emergent' ai stuff, and the destructible/procedurally generated world is also amazing. article since the videos not up yet...
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    War Scavenger

    So, because of the invasion today(and before reading about the war system on the wiki, and how the War Scavenger quest is supposedly good/meant for new players) I spent a heck of a time attaining roughly 24 weapons before being unable to loot anymore due to a bug. So, the wiki reports a 1k xp...
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    critique this stupid character

    please suggest items to make this character better or otherwise less shitty hes dumb please help
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    wtb Wristband of the old Empire ... and wts stuff

    wtb:wristband of the old empire wts: Bracelet of Accuracy gloves of calefaction bracelet of sorcerous smoke (with +24 mana rune) butchers apron
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