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  1. Paxit


    Can something along the lines of how ToT flag is handled be added to gaining entry to sanctum like 70% raid flagged gains entry for whole raid or perhaps just remove ritual casting on nexus and make it a killable mob ( or an option to flag with ritual and/or kill the mob to gain entry ) that...
  2. Paxit

    A few things to look into..

    First off me , my guild and I am sure many others would like to thank all Dev's that contributed and the ones that still do to the content of SoD and the staff for keeping this server going through many years of volunteer work. Thank you ! A few things to look into to make the game better...
  3. Paxit

    Archery Quivers

    Can we get some quivers to drop from named or archer type mobs since this tradeskill seems to be short in supply on the market ? Possibly opens the up the door to add in some more unique effects from arrows besides just bane dmg to be dev'd (ie. proc arrows, etc)
  4. Paxit

    main quest progression

    Does it make any sense to have the 3 faction bands like blackscale , COI and silver crown augs/ally maxed for main quest progression into refuge anymore? Can these be made optional to go back and max out and still get into refuge or rather the captains log turn in to brother kromtash as long as...
  5. Paxit

    Yclist bottleneck

    Since yclist zone is unstable for an unknown reason causing lag issues for certain players could the staff look into a work around for the prime enchanter fight for spires flagging? Maybe a new or an additional spires flagging mob in another zone is needed. It is posing a problem for us to get...
  6. Paxit

    2.5 haste and how it works now

    Overheard a conversation in ooc a few nights ago about haste and that this client does haste differently then 2.0 client, Can anyone elaborate on this topic and how it functions now? My cleric who used to swing super fast now swings and hits like hes in slow motion (yaulp 6 , 50% worn, and 16...
  7. Paxit

    Windows 10

    Ok we already are getting posts in our forum about win10 not running sod. Is this going to be a huge deal to get the client working for win10? Are you waiting for a new client to address windows 10 issues with sod current client? Anyone using windows 10 yet with any info to offer for fixes if...
  8. Paxit

    new sod patcher 10/10/2014

    Prompted to install new patcher, did so and now it just poofs away when I run it.
  9. Paxit

    Mielech D

    I have come across a problem with the arcane academy outside mop in oggok. Many years ago I did blackscale gate neck for Grobb and received a rather large negative faction hit (arcane academy) on the 4 th bounty, killing Gorun and looting his head. This did not pose much of a problem untill...
  10. Paxit

    Food/drink containers

    Can a bag/container be added to the game that when food/drink placed in it does not get eaten? Many times when I have stat food say via gruplok questing or bounty food/drink if I forget to bury behind normal food it gets consumed and I normally summon my foods when I do not have stat food with...
  11. Paxit

    Enchanter CC

    I played Enchanter on Live for a very long time (98-07) Crowd Control was an integral part of the game for the first 3 years or so and then tanks became so powerful that the duty shifted to offtanking and mass AE crowd control and many mobs dev'd had mezz immunity. Such is the case here in SoD...
  12. Paxit

    Warpstone Key Fragments

    Ive collected all 4 fragments from warpstone crafter named but cannot find any info on a combine or turn in npc other then someone /tell'd me that it was girl in warpstone that recieves them but there is no quest npc there that i can find. Is this part of a active quest still? And if so whats...
  13. Paxit


    Dragonkin is a casual raid guild, Mainly Dragon Alliance faction but we accept giant lovers as well. We are currently Raiding tier 1-11. We are a casual raid guild based on CST timezone that tries to Raid at least twice per week (more if the active players allow), Saturday 5pm - 10pm cst. &...
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