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  1. robopirateninja

    Share your funny SoD pics!

    I had to get gifts from people to stop being a trapped princess... im not gonna edit or sort them but heres all the screenshots
  2. robopirateninja

    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    try rust! Even if the loot in general isn't an upgrade there are some cool sidegrades or niche pieces in there and it will just spice it up in general if you're only doing prison.
  3. robopirateninja

    Paladin agro (yes everyone knows it's horrible)

    I did 2 codexes on tyrone/bounta bringing any old shit healer who was in athica and usually they were worse than no help at all with their heal messages made of lies
  4. robopirateninja

    Eldenal's mansion

    chiming in that eldenals is substantially older than all tier 8+ content and was definitely one of the premiere exp zones for me when I was raiding DHK/PoT/PoA etc.
  5. robopirateninja

    Spell drop rates.

    I've been away for a while but in the past guild spell banks had always been a fixture in the buy/sell forums and on listview after it's invention. I'm not sure exactly why they have faded away. This idea, certainly with some adjustments, sounds pretty cool to me though.
  6. robopirateninja

    FWF are a bunch of jerks!!11

    dicks like jesus
  7. robopirateninja

    Fishing map rate changed?

    The correct way to measure your rate of fishing maps is not maps/hour or maps/session but maps/bait used. Try keeping track of your results that way and see how much your numbers really are fluctuating. When I did a lot of fishing and kept track it ended up pretty consistent but the overall...
  8. robopirateninja

    Ideas for a Wizard 3rd Class Tome

    I always wanted wizard class tomes to go back and make our activated AAs useful/relevant again. Lifefire, Manaburn, Arcane Grip are rarely worth pressing past tier 5 and swords is a fun toy but ultimately not a stunning ability.
  9. robopirateninja

    Paladin 3rd Tome

    unless this has changed in my absence paladin aggro scales continuously up based on the stats of the mobs you are fighting :toot:
  10. robopirateninja

    Beastlord - Playing Possum

    who are you quoting here? also all you included in your post is one thing that this change would not do. what is the point of this suggestion, and why are you suggesting it?
  11. robopirateninja

    Flowing Thought

    a word of advice: the AAs that just give you raw stats are much less useful for most classes than just about any other AA, you may wish to concentrate on those first
  12. robopirateninja

    Grime Crusted Shofar

    Someone should do this for me because when I made this I was not aware that "true instruments" can't be dual wielded at all but secondaries with instrument mods can and I don't think the whole "true instruments" plan ever got off the ground edit: it appears someone already made this into a boss...
  13. robopirateninja

    Thazeran Revamp

  14. robopirateninja

    I'm A Dad!

    holy shit, I saw the thread title and last post by thade and I was fucking WORRIED. Congrats Raralith! Now you can graduate from dropping money on shoes and drag racing car parts and save it for buying her shoes and replacement cars! (a female asian will probably require 3-5 replacement cars...
  15. robopirateninja

    Rogue Call Tome

    This is aggro control for most classes. Wizards stop nuking to cast concussions (which get resisted/fail just like evades do!) Beastlords and mages just kind of have to stop dpsing to reduce aggro; monks and necros dont do dps while they are FDing to drop aggro (although that's the most reliable...
  16. robopirateninja


    kaezul is old, but admyrzza has been imprisoned for longer than hes been alive
  17. robopirateninja


    Why do you say "really," is it hinted somewhere that he does? Admyrzza was definitely imprisoned for a reason, and her guardians are pretty insistent that letting her out would be a terrible idea. By and large though just about everything players do is pretty often shortsighted and self...
  18. robopirateninja

    Elaborate idea.

    I intentionally didn't make a value judgement, but the idea of tiered chests isn't an accident and has worked as intended for more than a year now. Popping whatever elaborate chests you happen run across during the hours you raid 1-3 days a week in ToT is not the fastest way to get your guild...
  19. robopirateninja

    Elaborate idea.

    this idea is the same thing as completely eliminating the concept of elaborate chests and just making the pieces rare from all chests, and is highly unlikely
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