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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    i hope part of the vision is to lower the strength of buffs, and give that power to characters in another way. buffs are way too powerful to not have in a duo situation. like it or not, duoing is a huge part of playing on this server. this is a direct nerf to being able to accomplish tasks in a...
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    Looking to Start a Guild!

    also curious what the time you all play. if a west coast guild ever formed i would probably play this game again. as is, the population just isn't there unless i can play during work hours.
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    This is Great

    i am also from the portland metro area. it's good to see another player from the west coast arrive. try to enjoy the leveling experience before the giant grind. there are some cool custom zones. i recommend cesspits for 8-21 or so.
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    More Neutral Quest Options

    it would be awesome to see more impartial options in quests rather than balancing evil and good or lawful and chaotic. most notably, the main quest. having to balance for neutral is more difficult and is only worth 5% of the 20% specialization bonus. doing good/evil and lawful/chaotic quests...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    cognitive dissonance. this. even if a kind lady returns i would still need to really consider if it's worth it to invest my time on a server where awful changes are closer to intentional than a mistake. to the staff: please play the actual game. if you can't, at the very least, form your...
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    Major Design Flaw: Long-duration Buffing

    this has been an issue (frequently called out) since i rolled my very first character almost 9 years ago. for some, even longer. maybe some fresh eyes calling it out will do some good. good luck and thank you.
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    Shards of Dalaya (The Second Coming Server)

    a new server would be enjoyable for me, but i don't see it actually solving any long term issues.
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    Wanting to return!

    i haven't been on since the last patch made it more difficult for me to progress as a new 65 than it already was, but before that getting groups was a challenge. if you join a guild your odds increase, but i would count on soloing quite a bit unless you bring some pals with you.
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    Vanilla Plus

    main site: fan site: it's 1.12, but re-balanced with the intent to make all classes/specs viable. there is custom content and custom raids that try to stick with the "theme" of classic wow, but the difficulty has been...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    edit: i didn't see it in the notes, but the removal of a kind lady takes away from my ability and desire to continue the grind as a new 65 player. good luck with your vision, but i am not part of your target audience.
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    Question Night, June 6th 2020

    thanks for posting this, i missed some of it. <3
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    any league players?
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    coming back

    i will be back to playing some sod if anyone needs a druid in their group. what happened to the old forum? :(
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    New/old Elemental Graphics

    i want them!
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    New UI - possible interest

    i am going to use this now as well. great find.
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    cmal 3.2 summoner

    bugs will be bugs. i was in this group afk when it happened.
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    wtb: og ring items

    awesome item. it sucks there is no augment slot though. hopefully i can work on the upgraded version.
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    Current Population

    it has. you can expect over 200 during the peak hours.
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    Recent Athica (and other zone) log in crashes

    ip: character: totw frequency: often. time zone: pst. isp: comcast.
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    i've had this problem for years in all zones when zoning or entering the game world from character select.
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