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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    this sounds very cool and i can't wait till my dumb ranger is high enough level to try it out
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    Current Blessed Zones

    what i do ; ;
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    Current Blessed Zones

    Hello. I have not played in a long time. But I am here now, and currently leveling a warrior (and eventually druid) in the ~20-60 range (level 18 atm, druid is 36). Anyway, I noticed the blessed zones are heavily skewed towards endgame 65+ areas at the moment. This is understandable given the...
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    We All Love Monks, Here

    1:17 best
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    The sub level 50(lv 60?) levels are desolate

    I tried to get a friend of mine to play, but he had some mouse issue. It would move at lightspeed basically, impossible to really control. I think it was only vertically too. It was pretty weird, he tried a ton of shit to get it to work but nothing would work so he just gave up and quit. I...
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    The sub level 50(lv 60?) levels are desolate

    I think if you could increase XP from groups, allow the de-leveling thing, and also cut the amount of xp needed from 1-55 by 60% and then slowly increase the xp curve from 55-65 (ie 55-56 50% less, 56-57 45% less, etc ending at 64-65 only being marginally faster than in vanilla, but with groups...
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    We All Love Monks, Here

    So question about this, I know your major concern is raiding tiers and end game stuff in general, but I'm curious how this will effect lower level (or fresh 65) monks. Can we just get a straight up answer on the math so I can figure out if I should barefist or use weapons on my monk or babby...
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    Seems pretty quiet these days

    Ah. Yeah, I read that too. Then I read some more recent stuff and I think Zaela or some other dev in the 2.5 forum was saying the update to 2.5 wont necessarily change anything on that side. Made me sad:(.
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    Seems pretty quiet these days

    it's unfortunate that it doesn't seem like the 2.5 update will necessarily mean SOD will show up on EQemu? there some kind of bad blood between the guy who runs it and SOD?
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    Quality of Life [List of unoriginal ideas]

    These are great, though I honestly don't know what some of them are (no real experience with much end game content) I really would like to see shamans have a better endgame pet, maybe even a holdover lvl 64 non-runic/whatever pet before the endgame version. Perhaps the endgame version could cast...
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    A Look Into The Mid-Late Game Shaman

    Although my shaman is 65 I don't have a whole lot of comment, as I don't have any of my ancients/runics whatever. However, the real pet at 65+ is pretty bothersome. I always expected (while leveling up) that Shamans would hold their pet superiority over druids in the endgame, considering we get...
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    Seems pretty quiet these days

    Been playing with my aforementioned friend the last few days, around 9-11 PM PST. It's so dead... I don't think I've ever seen it this dead in the years I've been playing on and off. Like an average of ~30-40 players on when we are playing. I'm going to do my part and try to advocate SOD on...
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    How are things?

    whats going on here?
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    I'm streaming! very entertaining Blackburrow leveling! woo. ps pls change the blessed zones ty
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    How are things?

    Thats true, I was hoping it'd be good at 65+ as well, but I guess the Bst pet can't really hold aggro at that level and the monk would need a lot more gear to tank effectively... hmmm maybe an SK instead of the BST, or monk? also what do you mean by Love server.
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    How are things?

    I feel like I probably make these posts like twice a year, I don't remember the last time though. How are things in Dalaya? I see 2.5 is quickly becoming a reality. Thats rad as hell guys. My question, hows now for a good time to come play? should I jump on the 2.5 beta server? Is it...
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    having fun with bst/enchanter
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    Best Duo Setup

    having fun with bst/enchanter
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    Adventures In Texture Editing

    can i have your ui? i love it
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    Awesome, Thanks.
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