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  1. Paxit

    The death: reducing DS to 6 mobs

    Although going back to old scripted mobs to redo them would seem to be a nightmare but pack tactics in new content or if possible old content could be a thing that the more mobs you have increase the strength of the mobs , increased htpts , specials w/e. as well as named that spawn in upon death...
  2. Paxit

    Leaving SoD, observations from a potential new player

    The drama-free mmo your looking for probably does not exist , competition , guilds , clans , pvp , loot , etc. will all bring drama no matter what form you deliver them in mmo's. come back to check out seasons for a better experience imo.
  3. Paxit

    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    Lovely , when can we get our backpay AA ?!
  4. Paxit

    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    The bandolier nerf (i.e. swapping weapon and dropping stance for 6 seconds) is super lame , it also locks you out of moving items in inventory like swapping a clicky. it even seems to lock you out of accessing inventory via i button. Can only assume these are bugs though. I really am starting to...
  5. Paxit

    im pissed

    the good ole BMR, still pretty legit
  6. Paxit

    im pissed

    I have found zeg bp to be the better bp for mobs that hit very hard or dev blow , armorer seems be best when ya need extra group heals going
  7. Paxit

    Top End Dungeons

    Some dungeon flavor that might be easy to add is more mobs that spawn upon the death of mundane mobs like in citedal ( Squiff , Old Veteran ) I recall on live a few expansions that delved into this and it was fun for the unexpected event that you and groupmates have been thrust into a named fight.
  8. Paxit

    Fame Rewards

    many years ago I posted about the fame problem and how lackluster it is by having it doled out by just the staff in barely noticeable increments which they still should do but as stated players that have played sod religiously for an upwards of 10+ years that have not even reached half way or...
  9. Paxit

    Season 1 Event Announcement

    are all the cool hand to hand models/particles used up ? dont see one available here.
  10. Paxit

    More Bank Slots

    collapsible bags was a thing on live what a wonderful thing it would be to put all my potions into a collapsible bag and place said bag into one of my giant sized bags also it solves the gate neck storage problem. Some gnome must figure this out and save us !
  11. Paxit

    Shaman revamp.

    the double debuff is pretty dumb , if it increased attack speed by 20% you can cast this on me again Neeil :P
  12. Paxit

    So now that we have new AAs...

    consolidating gate necks onto a universal device or command is by no way a personal want of nwaij's. there are such requests going back many many years here by myself including some others and in my ten years+ of leading dragonkin I can not recall any instance where a guildmate has said I really...
  13. Paxit

    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    Pet classes have taken a pretty big hit on pet htpt and ac. perhaps pet weapons and armor need those stats bumped up to balance them upto what they had or the ability to reach it. Is the plan to use BBR potions as htpt substitute for missing htpt buff loss when not grouped etc with those...
  14. Paxit

    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    Please take this dagger out of my back whoever decided to go this route without a complete rework of buffs in place and ready to go. Your killing me and us ! On behalf of my guild and Probably a good majority of the sod community this is a plea to reinstate kind lady untill this is ready to go...
  15. Paxit

    Public Item Design Exercise

    Fractured Bone Faceplate Shadowknight-Necro-Mage-Wizard-Enchanter Face 210 htpts 250 mana AC 45 Int 40 Cha -20 mind shield +10 Disease resist +30 Bane enhancement VIII Effect: Dissolvement of shadows (8.0 sec cast , must equip)...
  16. Paxit

    Kind Lady

    when the buff augers were discussed it was a great idea and we where looking forward to it but they got spread out in some pretty obscure places and spread out over gods creation for who knows why but these buff npc's already exist and it makes no sense to not have them in more convenient places...
  17. Paxit

    Teen Angst - A journey of A T10+ Warrior

    A couple of tips. Globe of malaria is a very quick cast and if you can get it on before the mob reaches the party or raid the better it has a few stacking issues with i think chanter murk dot and some necro spells but its great tool for warriors. Mob generally hate this debuff/dot. Exceptional...
  18. Paxit


    Can something along the lines of how ToT flag is handled be added to gaining entry to sanctum like 70% raid flagged gains entry for whole raid or perhaps just remove ritual casting on nexus and make it a killable mob ( or an option to flag with ritual and/or kill the mob to gain entry ) that...
  19. Paxit

    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    how do these robots not rust up without robot oil !
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