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    Pro Pulling Strats
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    My Pants

    My Pants is a new guild starting up on shards of dalaya and looking for 18 people to fill the roster. Currently we have approximately 12 members. 90% of the guild will be starting out at level 1 and we are currently in the process of getting everyone leveled up and raid ready. A couple of us...
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    Zoning into Emberflow

    If you click on the zone in to emberflow and your stunned while doing so it zones in your group but not the person who clicked on the zone in. Happens a lot when someone runs to zone in with mobs on them and they get back stunned right as you click the zone in.
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    COI faction bug

    So I talked to the gnoll priestess in starfall and gave her rotfang's head before I had spoken to oceanwalker gargan in storm sea. The oceanwalker tells me to go talk to the gnoll priestess and help her out for quest update but when I speak to the gnoll priestess she has nothing left to say to...
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