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  1. ryutakin

    Paranormal Activity

    Is a terible movie I advise no one to see it. :( It gets 3 sad faces :( :( :(
  2. ryutakin

    Beastlord Styles and Damage.

    Skill Name Level Description (1) Normal 1 No modifiers (2) Aggressive 1 Increase attack speed; Decrease avoidance (3) Defensive 1 Decrease attack speed; Increase avoidance (4) Spiritual Guardian 20 Warder can tank over...
  3. ryutakin


    What is the difference between clicking EQW and not?
  4. ryutakin

    Some questions

    Nvm fixed
  5. ryutakin

    Little Help

    Using a different computer now and for some reason the Shards of dalaya website won't work too well anymore. Just mainly a black page with no links anywhere. Seems this is only in firefox however. Any advice?
  6. ryutakin

    Keys Suggestion

    Can we make Cmal 2 keys open cmal 1 doors. Cmal 3 key open Cmal2/cmal1 doors And so on and so forth? Would save some space and be nice.... Thanks!
  7. ryutakin


    Bringing something up because it was never fixed. Sovreign from plane of Nightmare still currently bugs Beastlord pet heals. I've tested every single one. After casting Aspect of the Lujen no Beastlord pet heals will work. The bubble will be lit up but will claim you must wait to cast this...
  8. ryutakin

    Another Vah request

    Can we have Vah Rogues not be KoS to the Rogue guild in Newport? Currently it arrouses problems with quests and lock picking. Bards can trade 10pp for faction for Rogues cannot
  9. ryutakin


  10. ryutakin

    Necromancer Fire Thaz Aug

    Has anyone ever made one? I can't find anyone with the Fire aug. It seems especially since the water aug nerf that necromancers have been getting the shaft with the slight exception of the Air aug. Anyone know the stats? :)
  11. ryutakin


    Currently there are two items with the name blackblade. It's kind of confusing. One is a war loot, the other is from DHK. Could one receive a name change just for pete's sake? Just seems kinda odd.
  12. ryutakin

    Small Charm Change

    I'd just like to ask if the Caster 100k charm can be changed to 15 cha or atleast boosted. Currently the Melee 100k charm has 12 cha and the caster charm has a mere 9. Seems like the caster charm should have more. As well it seems kinda off that the caster charm has 8 less save all that the...
  13. ryutakin

    Rust Faction

    I killed rust factions on the outside I know i've killed Jaklin once or twice and the same for arbiter but always passed on the items. Been trying to get my rust key for a little while and have had no luck. I tried killing the machine side and currently my faction cannot go either way in any...
  14. ryutakin

    Marlow's Lullabyebye

    Recently the Bracer "Marlow's Lullabye" Was changed down to a 1.4 mod from a 1.6 mod. I can understand somewhat a reason for change but 1.4 seems a bit out of line considering progression. When comparing instrument All/All mods what comes to mind close to it is definately the Crystalized...
  15. ryutakin

    Tarot Cards

    Really just curious if anyone else is having the same problem. I've cleared the caslte and surrounding area a ridiculous amount of time and have yet to receive anything but Dagger/Crown/Claw cards. Am told the last one is a skull and I am seriously wondering if it might be broken. I know the RNG...
  16. ryutakin


    I was just wondering if this was being looked into still or not. Currently after using the clicky it bugs Beastlord petheal.
  17. ryutakin

    Alter Plane Earth

    Does it drop anywhere or just one place?
  18. ryutakin

    Head of Tesia

    Does anyone know if this does anything? I've had the head of Tesia sitting around for awhile now :(
  19. ryutakin

    Aken, Chosen of Enthann

    I would like to suggest that enthann's adds be moved toward the center of the room or atleast farther away from the walls. Currently they frequently get wall bugged and it's not so easy when pets/recession are your only method of taking them out. Thanks!
  20. ryutakin

    Rock Lumps

    Who knows if it's just me but when testing the rock lumps smelting I did the 10 rock lumps in the forge and combined. In my texts it said I had made a forged a new item but nothing was appearing in my inventory. Just thought i'd see if anyone else has tried this
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