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    Halas beastlord newbie armor quest (Primalist Vylva)

    Ive done the quest before and it worked fine for me, are you sure you are combining the correct items?
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    SoD advertising

    This was one of 3 videos submitted 3 years ago to help with server promotion on the basis that there would be an account drive and an attempt to bring in new players by the staff, in which no word has been heard since.
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    Wildkin Spirit vs The Spiritwalkers

    These are the Quest Lines for Barbarian Beastlords and Shamans respectively. Started at level one, lasting to about level 20-25. They both require the same exact items for each step along the way, the only difference is while all the peices for the Shaman seem to have been updated into an...
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    Necromancers Damage Increment IX

    Dual focus buff, dont even NEED to wear it
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    So now that we have new AAs...

    Im honestly excited to see the new AA ideas they come up with. Im keeping my expectations as low as possible so nothing disappoints.
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    Monks get all the love.
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    Dakka Moars

    Wasnt there some strat a guild was using to like, kill captain then mass gate out to get all the swarmers to despawn to avoid killing them all together? rip that strat
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    Dakka Moars

    I think the main problem was more so that quest items that was meant to require a raid force to get was being duo'd and one grouped instead. This is something that should probably had been addressed before any butthurt incidents of characters duoing trash in a T12-T13 zone.
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    Athica Spell vendors

    the difference between 80 Cha and 105 Cha base was a difference of 5 silver and 1 copper on a spell that is what i assume a 10 gold base spell cost. it was 9 gold 8 silver and 2 copper for the 80 cha and 9 gold 3 silver 3 copper for the 105 cha. only base cha effects vendor prices
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    Good bye old friend

    Ill miss you Peridox
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    What about a small soloable event that a player or players can partake that isnt really all that challenging but offers them 50% exp for those levels only? a level check being done that makes sure you arnt too low or too high. maybe something that offers some lore of the game
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    word is thats because all mentions of codex are being changed to Tome or Opus
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    Bro how much do you play? this is insane
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    Wanting to return!

    To answer the questions, population at peak averages around 70 people depending on how many are boxing and how many guilds are raiding at the time, sometimes might even hit 100. Groups are somewhat hard to come by as most people like to either duo or only play with their guildmates. you might...
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    Sequel to SoD - Input Requested

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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    Since you are incapable of reading, ill try to use bigger letters for you to understand what exactly I said. Because I did not say T10+ players are ruining the game. I didnt say new players need to be babysat and have their hand held by the endgame players. what i said, word for word was This...
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    Lol... talk about not reading what people say.
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    I skimmed through most of this cause all this really sums up is why we cant keep new players and why alot of people quit. Its the community. Theres maybe a handful of people who go out of their way to help new people try and get their bearing and enjoy the game, most it seems like 70% of the...
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