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    Wtb: tradeskill mats

    Will update as I need to. Sharp filings (black, and green) 20pp each Racial meats 20pp each
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    Magic the Gathering: Arena

    Came across an open beta, so far its pretty decent. Recently "direct challenge" was added so friends can play each other. Worth checking out for those that play/played MTG.
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    Order of the black rose reward

    The rose with the invis clicky can be handed back in for another version, the alternate version has silent wisdom as a worn effect but can't be equiped. Might be worth changing it to some sort of clicky for those that don't want the invs clicky (most notable rangers and druids who get innate...
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    wtb contracting choker

    Want to buy contracting choker, 2k
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    wtb ed maps

    wtb 2 ed maps pst in game
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    Wtb whirling tempest 2

    Title says it all, wtb: The whirling tempest 2 20k
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    Change to glacial strike

    It needs changed back for real, before it did little over 3.6k and I could use it range attacking run in nuke jump out. 3.6k nuke for 700 mana with a long reuse timer Now it does little over 2.5k and adds a temp buff that eats up a buff slot and only procs twice before it fades IF you melee...
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    In-game filters

    I seen the thread that they were getting worked on, were they ever fixed and if so what needs to be done to get them to work right.
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    wtb Giant Bag of Miscellaneous Clockwork Stuff

    title says it all 10k each, looking to buy probably 2-3
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    Get rid of ranger bird pet

    Change the runic two and the whole bird pet line into a self buff that does basically the same thing just no pet and of course stacks with all current buffs. I originally rolled a ranger because it didn't have a pet to bother with. Also in raids the pet dies easily and you can't stop to recast...
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    wtb magical resistance 3

    Edit: got the magical resistance tome, still need the third ranger tome Title says it all magical resistance 3 paying 6k and still wtb Third Ranger tome 2
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    WTB Third Ranger Tome 2

    paying 10k for it to rot in my bank
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    Wtb Tinkerer's Mallet

    Edit: Got one, no longer buying Title says it all Wtb Tinkerer's Mallet 1k (higher price negotialble within reason)'s_Mallet I assume it venders for maybe 150pp~ PM here
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    Sky darkener

    Would be much appreciated if they could be none lore, and the proc rate of what summons them (darken skies) to be increased or made into a clickable spell. The tedium of having to fletch quivers, carry several quiver types or being required to spend plat just to use the main part of playing a...
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    Account recovery

    2 accounts Im trying to find out about. Ive used the same 3 email accounts for years but when I use the account management tool to send an email it says none registered to that e-mail. One for the life of me I cant remember the exact name of the account (had just made it before retiring, had...
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    The un-used class 3 tomes

    These have been around for close to a decade and still not implemented . Even if they're near useless they need to be either have something finally done with them or just taken off the drop/loot tables because they're little more than vendor trash.
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    3rd ranger tome idea

    Just for something to put exp into mostly. Innate affect, small boost to the ranger "predator" line of attack buffs. Or just an innate small percentage boost to the attack stat. Other ideas could be add some sort of bleeding DoT to the bird pet and have it be an Alfred Hitchcock reference .
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    Thinking about futzing around in SoD again

    Hey hey, title says most of it. Retired 4-5 years ago and looking to possibly waste time in SoD. That said I don't have any of the login info anymore for buff bots. If anyone would be so kind to PM me chanter/shaman/cleric info that would be awesome. Edit: just need enchanter info
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    2 errors trying to login

    Downloaded the client from daybreak, downloaded the SoD patcher, patched all. I'm getting two errors One was something about "procedure entry point ail set 3d room [email protected]" And the other was " application unable to start correctly 0xc0000142" Played for years, even had it reinstalled a few...
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    when 2.5 goes live

    Yo, when 2.5 goes live I'll totally log in if I can race change my ranger Gargate to a Drakkin. I would have preferred a Drakkin from the start but SoD used a client from like 1980
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