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    Ikisith banker/merchants please!

    Any possibility of a banker for refuge camp and a banker/vendor murk city? Murk has the tome guy at night, but anything regular? Tears has a merchant and red sun mines has a banker, so I don't think it would conflict with the story line.
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to get all the enchanter non-racial illusions to be target-able. We can cast skeleton and some of the combat enhancers already, and I understand before when city mobs would agro it would have likely been abused, but I think that's changed? Kkthx!
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    "heroic" mode?

    Was thinking about the kind of small selection high end for exp areas, and how much fun like meil a/b/c etc. were, I thought I'd toss out the idea of SoD Heroic mode. Basically I was thinking a command or stance could be added, like /h 1-5, where /h 1 would be no modification, /h 4 would be...
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