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  1. AngryCow

    SoD Parser

    Most players from what I have seen use gamparse to parse logs and to get a measure of their characters ability in-game. Gamparse was built for old Ever Quest and doesn't support SoD beyond the basics, as such it often has errors. When players are attempting to discuss theoretical versus...
  2. AngryCow

    QoL suggestion for stamina

    Classes that that use stamina, particularly exhaustive stances, have long been a nuisance for raid recovery. Most things you can spend stamina on are pretty powerful and I understand from a design perspective that not every engage can utilize every tool. (ie Call of the Blessed). So I agree...
  3. AngryCow

    Buff Shuffling

    I would like to suggest an additional feature to the game that would let you reshuffle the buff order on your buff bar so that there were no gaps in the line-up. Ideally something that would let a player do a /cm command and have all their buffs keep their current timers but fill in any missed...
  4. AngryCow

    Unable to Load form Character Select

    Whenever I load to character select, my screen shows the character animations sped up (to the point where my character kinda looks like they are dancing and the attack animations are just weird twitches) and none of the buttons works on the screen using a mouse click. When I press enter It...
  5. AngryCow

    The Tale of Santa Troll

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the server Many creatures were spawning, causing a fervor. The phat loots were stored in inventories with care, In hopes that St Grinkles would ne'er be there. Everyone gated Athica, though the steps were quite cramped. All the guilds finished...
  6. AngryCow

    Western Wastelands MoP

    I know that I'm not the only player to zone into Western Wastelands from the Mansion of Portals, hang a right after zoning in to get to the content in the zone, only to be sucked right back into the Mansion of Portals. So my S&R is that the entrance portal to the Mansion of Portals in Western...
  7. AngryCow

    Unimplemented Tome Idea Thread

    I made this thread with the idea that we could discuss and condense the many ideas that we have had over the ages for the unimplemented class books, with the hopes that it may aid the staff in eventually implementing them. I won't try to make 'rules' for this thread because I believe they are...
  8. AngryCow

    New Title Suggestions

    The new title system is great. It's a lot of fun and enjoyable to show off your shiny achievements. I'd like to propose some additional titles based on some other in game achievements: More AA titles - Or perhaps larger gaps. Back when when Baron/veteran/etc for 6/12/18 AAs respectively was...
  9. AngryCow

    New Titles

    I've made a new wiki page for the titles (Seen here: to help explain what the titles mean after asking Jumbers a few questions. I am missing quite a bit of information on the male and female titles acquired by Alternate advancement. If you...
  10. AngryCow

    Raid Claim discussion

    This is a post where we can civilly discuss the recent clarification to the raid claim rules. For ease here are the before and after: Old: "To claim a wing/zone/encounter, you need 6 people present. This claim is invalidated if you have done nothing in the wing/zone/encounter, and continue to...
  11. AngryCow


    The item Birchbeer, does not appear to stack like the rest of the brewing combines, seems like a possible oversight, thought I'd mention it here so it can get looked at, or if some has an idea as to why it wouldn't be stack-able for a reason.
  12. AngryCow

    Guard Flipik's quest

    Guard Flipik's quest is out-of-whack somehow, I took my SHD and was able to complete his quest-line (seen here:, but all I got was SHM usable rewards. What makes this doubly odd is that the local guards directed me to...
  13. AngryCow

    SK class tome suggestion

    'Manual of Torment Mastery' Increases the effects of all damage shields cast by allies by 10/20/30/40% It's basically Euphorbium Mastery (druid class tome) for reverse damage shields
  14. AngryCow

    Questions of Lore

    I've decided to put together a thread for asking some lore related questions to the players and staff, anyone can feel free to chime in! Please don't overly spoil any particular quest lines! If you have your own questions feel free to add them. Without further ado, I'll start us off: Who is...
  15. AngryCow

    Me on the "New Quest"

    But srsly a cool quest, thanks for the awesome work and content Dev-Atheon and Dev-Taryth!
  16. AngryCow

    SHD refuge tome problem

    I have attempted to get the Servant Training II tome from the vendor in refuge but the option doesn't not appear from the mob. He only gives me the option for Manual of Hate when I ask to purchase tomes. Is there something I'm missing? or is this a bug? Or is only the first class tome...
  17. AngryCow

    Severe Lag Issue

    I have been having problems with lag on my character Marthog. It happens when spells are cast and I use commands like /who. Elsewise the game plays normally. I have checked my connection, and my speed and everything checks out. I have tracert'd (for the server) and...
  18. AngryCow

    Red Metal Breastplate

    The item 'Red Metal Breastplate' only vendors for 5pp or so. It drops from Defenders of the Citadel oustide Citadel of the Claw in Dreadlands. Most BoE gear that drops in Ikisith tends to vendor for a bit more. The item has low stats, which is probably why a vendor wont pay much for it; but...
  19. AngryCow

    Quests without Completed flags

    Following Slaar fixing a number of quests for me (thanks Slaar!) I figured I'd make a post about the quests that are in game, give a journal entry, but don't complete properly. Below is a list of quests that are in the journal, are not cyclical/repeatable bounty style quests, aren't incomplete...
  20. AngryCow

    Vah Sword Graphics

    I noticed that when I was a young knight that the two NPC's that give the [Shir Blade] quest, Vahir Rahkahl and Vahir Ghan, were wielding swords with different graphics, I thought that these would reflect in thier respective vah sword quests for Paladin and Shadow Knight respectively. After...
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