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  1. Daffie

    Wizard AA Addition - SB

    I am under the impression that it might be possible to add more AA since the client upgrade? It sure would be nice to be able to Soul Bond rbow. It would make raiding as a Wizard less Grrr. I don't see it as a life changing thing, just a QOL improvement that might be a quick add since it is sort...
  2. Daffie

    Knock knock... Tap tap...

    I just decided to hop on the site to see if anyone was around. My eP moved significantly toward center when I saw new patch notes, and active posts! I stopped playing because it got pretty lonely there for a while after 2.0... Are there people playing again? Is anyone raiding? Are any of...
  3. Daffie

    Augurs and guest lock

    FYI, you can pay Augurs for buffs if guest lock is on. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  4. Daffie

    Tome XP % - Which one is correct?

    So this photo shows in game xp bar, in game /cm itemexpreport, and Fomelo. They are all different. A few kills later, I noticed fomelo ticked over to 51% and the in game bar was still at 50%... Which one is correct?
  5. Daffie

    Maxing Wizard DPS - Questions/Discussion

    So my wizard is around T9 and I just got her Archaic. (I'm going to be working on her Murk/Refuge/Runic 1 soon, and at some point I'll finish camping Taraztu for the root...) Anyway, I'm looking for tips to max DPS in a few different situations: 1. Not maxed evocation - I'm having an...
  6. Daffie

    Jumbers - The best? Yes!

    You are my fucking hero man!
  7. Daffie

    Worst Play Call - Best Celebration

    Worst play call of all time to end the super bowl. Shocking really. The kid made a great play on the interception of that high completion percentage route. Best celebration ever: I found the poopdown celebration photos this morning while looking at highlights. NBC cut away from the...
  8. Daffie

    Pet Options - Similar to BL Warden Options

    I think everyone can agree that the BL warden option is a cool thing. (Except for when you group in Kaesora with the ass hole who has the elephant pet... you know who you are... It would be cool if all players could change their pet, after the initial selection, via the guild masters...) I...
  9. Daffie

    Althuna's Conduit vs. Blades line - Stacking/Overwriting Issues

    Althuna's Conduit VS. Blades of Frost Blades of Immolation Blades of Magi Blades of Scourge Blades of Steel Blades of Torment Blades of Venom Relic: Blades of War I'm sure that I am not the only guy who plays a paladin and has a gripe that any of the spells in the wizard's blades line...
  10. Daffie

    Alignment Hits for Fame - Suggestion

    As the title suggests, it would be cool to be able to purchase alignment hits with fame. It occurred to me that many of us have jacked up our alignment over the years, especially with our first characters, and it may be beyond repair via questing... I would consider purchasing alignment Hits...
  11. Daffie

    Wiki Blessed Zones - Not Updating

    Thread title says it all. I just checked in game, and the zone from /blessed are not the same as what is on the front page of the wiki. Just and FYI.
  12. Daffie

    Mumble Overlay

    Has anyone gotten this to work with SoD? If so, can you please tell me how you did it?
  13. Daffie

    2 requests - bone dragon hit box & summon Drink/Food spells

    Two suggestions/requests for small QoL changes: 1. The past week or two I have been putting in some time farming Dragon Necropolis for the shaman mask part, (and just generally killing stuff around the zone,) and I am reminded as to how horribly small the a Bone Dragon and Dark Boned Dragon hit...
  14. Daffie

    Laptop Purchase Suggestions

    So, I happen to be out of the country visiting Panama and my 8 year old dell insperon e1505 workhorse laptop starts acting up. Mainly, the main board battery shits out and it takes the newish SSD with it. Maybe a power surge got it... Regardless, it pushed me over the edge and maybe it is...
  15. Daffie

    forum style - red - broken banner

    I am on using my mobile to check the forums and noticed the style choices in the lower left. (Blackend, blackend-blue, etc.) I tried all the different styles when viewing the forum root and they all work except red. When the red style is employed, the banner does not position correctly and...
  16. Daffie

    WTB Shaman/Paladin class tomes

    WTB - Please PM me - I will keep the list updated. Tastes Like Chicken 2 Blood Feast 2 Divine Radiance 2 (Vonk)
  17. Daffie

    Give a Dev a break...

    This article is EXACTLY what I picture EQ code to be like: *I left IT/IS and am now in the construction industry. I...
  18. Daffie

    Bounty Augs/gear Spreadsheet?

    Does anyone have a spreadsheet of bounty items/augs with stats and types? If so, can you post a copy for me? I couldn't find anything on the wiki other than links for each specific aug. Needless to say, it's tough to run comparisons currently, and it is going to get a lot harder once new...
  19. Daffie

    Thanks for the Events!!!

    The events were a lot of fun. The names from the arena event were hilarious. Dice of Misfortune was also super fun once I got close enough to see the rolls and 'rewards'. Absolute good time. Thanks for all the hard work :)
  20. Daffie

    Lavishly Jeweled Headress?

    Where does Lavishly Jeweled Headress drop? I'd like to farm some for cleric friends, but the wiki has no info on where it drops :(
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