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  1. vistachiri

    A radio drama podcast!

    Hey folks, as a few friends here already know, I occasionally do some work on a podcast called Barely Domesticated with a old friend of mine, which up until now has been a conversational podcast. Anyways, new year and a few episodes in brought a format shift. It's 2 episodes into the new format...
  2. vistachiri

    When I see this, I think of SoD

    Probably nsfw tbh ngl.
  3. vistachiri

    Torment sequel, sorta

    I'm assuming most of you know what game I'm referring to already. If not go play Planescape: Torment (you can get it on GoG) and marvel in it's greatness. Basically a bunch of the people responsible for it went and decided to throw a kickstarter for it, and wasteland 2 (which was already funded...
  4. vistachiri

    Drink recipes!

    Do you like drinks? Cocktails and such? Share recipes here! My current favorite is very similar to an old-fashioned, but with slightly different ingredients. Delicious to the point where I wish I had a nonalcoholic version, so I could drink it all the time. 1- 1 1/2 tsp sugar (How much I use...
  5. vistachiri

    Complications quest

    *fixed! Ty*
  6. vistachiri

    Story I wrote way back

    Quite a long time ago I was dicking around at work when there was the open library call. I ended up writing a bit on the liodreth, somewhat in a mix of styles similar to the van richten and volo guides if one is familiar with the old tsr stuff. So in any case, I found it rotting in my archive...
  7. vistachiri

    Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Yes, it's a movie. Yes, it's actually quite good for a fan project. Hell, kojima liked it too.
  8. vistachiri

    The megaman movie.

    Found out about this this morning. Totally free, haven't gotten a chance to get through it yet. But it's legit, and so far looks decent. The guy who plays wily fucking channels wily. Srsly.
  9. vistachiri


    Enter, Piano Hero Good times if you have an actual usb keyboard (not like, the typey kind, the music kind) laying around.
  10. vistachiri

    Whispering robes

    Waited a bit on this robe being changed since it was broken when I received it, and also quite sub-par. It is no longer broken, though it is still sub-par for the difficulty of the fight (compared with the difficulty of fights which also drop robes in the old world). For comparison Farhaniath...
  11. vistachiri

    Glixik's bag

    Out of curiosity, does this quest actually function still? The first part works fine, the second part, well I can say after extensive testing I'm at a loss. I've been through pretty much every interpretation of where he tells you to go, and what he tells you to do (which is pretty clear cut)...
  12. vistachiri

    ED's in Shadowdale

    Horses currently shadowstep you into the trees. This has obvious conflicts with the new content. As for a fix, dunno, but it definitely needs to be.
  13. vistachiri

    Crafted bag sales

    Granted there wouldn't I think be a ridiculous demand. But it's always seemed odd to me that while handmade backpacks are craftable, as well as things like high quality urns, there really isn't an effective way to store or sell them that isn't far more time consuming than it's worth. In that...
  14. vistachiri

    Elemental Subversion

    Currently the proc on the mage class bracer, elemental subversion, is flagged beneficial, which means it only goes off on beneficial spells. Being that this is a class specific armor piece, this is a pretty bad effect for the class (obviously for a healer it would be amazing). On a typical...
  15. vistachiri

    Maps near tipt zl

    The map spot by the tipt zone line seriously needs to be moved. The zoneline is just about on top of the map dig spot. This causes understandably large problems with digging the map. In addition the guards tend to get immediately owned by tmap mobs, and have a propensity to spawn while fighting...
  16. vistachiri

    Ais Depot! Zomgz Spells!

    Ais Depot now open for spells! Ais is the place for spells. Obviously. Check these listsolds! Aisle 1 Hybrids/Knights= Hyais, Desif Aisle 2 Casters= Casais, Vedoc, Vista Aisle 3 Healers= Prais, Imeriaz Aisle 4...housewares? Stock updates frequently! So check back often. For new stock before it...
  17. vistachiri

    Illusions, a slight not really important request

    Before I say anything let me state I wouldn't really ever consider this any kind of priority, but I figure I would test the waters so to speak to see if it's even possible, and if so could be done. It really is just a, this would be nice not to have to worry about thing. Soulbond Permanent...
  18. vistachiri

    The Deepshade

    1st suggestion. Change the levels its intended for. Entrance mobs hitting fast for average 300's, is not level 58+. That is level 65+. I should add, max hit 457, at least doubling, poss quadding.
  19. vistachiri

    Mages: The Elemental Forms

    Thread is for: I) Mage elemental form aa's 1) Stacking issues 2) Zone usage issues 3) Suggested changes Thread is not for: I) Things not of the above Anyways as per what I said in the other thread here Posting this for a...
  20. vistachiri

    Lore regarding the liodreth

    Making a request for any lore on the liodreth for a project I've been working on at work for the open book request. Just wanting to make sure I'm not contradicting anything already present in it, and since I can't really find anything much regarding them...well yeah. Also if feasible other...
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