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    The 2 box rule needs to go away.

    I have asked a lot of people about this and why it exists and I get mostly vague sort of answers revolving around social-ability and hardware requirements from the old days. I am sure that 2 boxing does help with some small things and there are certain things that it fixes but I think on...
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    user interfaces.

    Hey there used to be a thread with a bunch of custom UI's listed that work with SoD but I am too stupid to find it. Can anyone who is not stupid help me?
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    hey tao

    I need you for stuff and things.
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    Ok so here it is, I know there are a lot of dungeons that are really great but don't get used a lot anymore because the mobs are too weak/few and don't drop enough cash loot etc. These are great dungeons that everyone used to love or still does but the rewards are just not where it's at. My...
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    New game changes are pretty awesome.

    This is kind of a just woke up and in a good mood morning stream of consciousnesses block so bear with me: We did Thaz lower water last night and honestly got trucked pretty hard by the mini. Maybe we were doing it wrong, maybe it needs to be balanced some, but i liked it. The trash...
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    prison ports

    here is the deal, FWF can't do Taeshlin/VZ because other guilds are in the zone, They are not ready for or attempting Taeshlin, there isn't any conflict here. FWF has to go in and kill lots of trash and rot lots of loot to get to the mobs we want. In addition to this taking a huge amount of...
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    New chillvile (sod erotic fan fiction)

    So some of you may know that we opened a new off-site chillville a few months ago but it hasn't quite taken off and only a few people know about it (URL Removed, but this link still takes you there) To that effect we have commissioned an anonymous writer to pen some material to attract people...
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    how to completely fix monks.

    ok so some of these changes are kind of radical so I hope everyone reads all the way through before they comment. I think with the new scripting system we should be able to do all of these things. So first monks need to move faster, esp when out of combat, It would be really good if they got...
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    Monks are the class of peace and love.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not think monks are bad or terrible or that there are not a lot of situations in which they shine. This post is mostly focused on the end-game raid game and the role that monks play in that for a *significant* amount of the content. This is about monk dmg output relative to...
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    monk third tome

    50hp or more/tick regen per tome that stacks with everything. 200hp/tick for 4 full tomes, 2000 hp a minute= roughly 5 minutes to regen to full for a teir 10 monk. Seems not broken, would help with soloing, help with pulling a tiny bit, help with spot heals, help with whirlwinding...
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