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    5 years later, ready to spill all the beans of my grand cheating...

    Listen I absolutely believe that you were high out of your mind because I witnessed it. I also am willing to believe that you didn't have a real good gauge for how much of a total dick you were to just about everyone. But I also believe that you are a completely and totally manipulative asshole...
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    The future for SoD

    lol what? most fights were actively developed by working with players and seeing how they were doing on various attempts, they were tuned live and on the fly each attempt. Those players had buffs....... Are you actually a dev? Also: "yes" to all of your plans without going into details...
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    Also, I just agreed with nwaij that the buff changes are very ill conceived I have literally never agreed with him on anything before, so thanks for that. thanks.
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    You are making my point for me. If you have to pick between a bard that is running fiery and blademaster or an enc that is "running" Goe + JB + more dps + way better mez/charm crowd control utility? This is on top of the fact that basically buff classes are required in groups now for...
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    So like why would you bring a bard to a group now? their whole thing is aura based buffs. It seems like they are getting royally screwed here. Like their whole thing is less powerful buffs that can stack with the primary class. now stacking is way less of a thing. Why bring a bard over an...
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    the quality of life changes are amazing, the monk changes are clearly an unintended consequence and I am sure the devs will fix it. I have faith.
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    It's no big deal either way from the sound of it so how about make it into a slight increase.
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    3rd monk tome idea

    200 hp /tick = about 1 full heal every 5 minutes for a t 10+ monk, sure thats nice but it's hardly broken.
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    3rd monk tome idea

    extremely aggressive regeneration, like 50 hp/tick/tome doesn't really make them tankier, but helps with pulling and helps with small groups and their off-tanking role.
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    Hey guys can we please fix all of the misgendered dialogue options? It's triggering me.

    Hey guys can we please fix all of the misgendered dialogue options? It's triggering me.
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    Looking for item creators

    bound to happen sooner or later
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    Looking for item creators

    Hi please make a 350/100 2hb with a 2% proc chance to deathtouch whoever is using it and a 1% chance to deathtouch thade IRL
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    Policy Questions Thread

    ok so you have thought about how this will break fd pulling and also how it will break fd agro wipes which is monks only ability to manage agro.
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    Policy Questions Thread

    OK well hopefully it will have player input and involve simplifying/getting rid of bad old rules instead of making hundreds of specific circumstance policies. Sort of like when Tao said "If a character can get into a zone then it is ok they can raid there" fixed the millions of "flagged/keyed"...
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    Policy Questions Thread

    Hi, apparently using feign death to bypass content in dungeons is illegal now (sometimes? rules are unclear?) - Is using invis, sneak, shadowstep/faction spells/lull or any other of the 50 ways people have to bypass mobs in dungeons also illegal? (If not why is fd singled out?) - Is it ok to...
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    4.3 Loot balancing!

    My two cents here is that a ton of content has been balanced around tanks having the 4.3 robe. Like literally Marza is standing there turning up and down damage on mobs as we are fighting them based on how much a robed tank was dieing. So yeah the robe is broken, everyone knows it's broken, it...
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    One off worn effects

    well seeing as the 4.3 robe has been in a bugged state since it was put in the game where it provides double the intended already ridiculous amount of spell AC making tanks effectively stop taking damage I would say that at least that item it "actually does something half the time"
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    is there a thing i have to do to get the "new load times" mine seem still p bad.

    is there a thing i have to do to get the "new load times" mine seem still p bad.
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    Best design in SoD?

    also the pokemon fight in windstone
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