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  1. Vitali

    Checking in

    Hey Nuchre, I am glad you're doing well. I have wondered how some folks from old CW have been, glad to hear you're healthy. Sorry to hear about Zoroth's loss. Send my condolences :(
  2. Vitali

    SoD Purple Server?

    Yeah playing P99 green has been fun, but I just like SoD as a game more than vanilla EQ. Would be nice to have a population like P99 honestly.
  3. Vitali

    SoD Purple Server?

    With the success of P99 Green/Teal, WoW Classic, and the various EQ progression servers I can't help but think there would be some cool potential for a fresh Shards of Dalaya server too. I know it's been tossed around in the past, discussions about just wiping the server and starting fresh...
  4. Vitali

    Opus Changes

    This is a fantastic change. I haven't played SoD in a long while, but just read patch notes from the last year or so. Looks like its come a long way in QoL department! This change is way better than anything I suggested here
  5. Vitali

    Jyre, the Mountain's Fury (encounter spoilers within)

    Just kidding. Apparently I havent been creeping hard enough. He already has it.
  6. Vitali

    Jyre, the Mountain's Fury (encounter spoilers within)

    Grats on another Jyre being in existence. Im personally waiting on Mousekon to get his. That character is basically what I wanted to achieve with my warrior Wrex. Master race warrior all decked out to the teeth. Gnome bad ass.
  7. Vitali

    [2.5 UI] Alpha's SoD UI.

    Looks like my UI from before the client update. Nice and clean.
  8. Vitali

    UI Minimap for 2.5

    I always knew Vitali would go down this way.
  9. Vitali

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    I've said it before. Making things more accessible and not such a struggle from start to finish is the way to draw people in . First the large chunk of the game should be relatively easy. Soloable, questable, group if you want or one is available. The newbie quests were a good idea, but they...
  10. Vitali

    Maybe a final goodbye

    Nuchre and Zoroth will be some of the most memorable people from my time in Chaotic Winds. Dudes were funny to play with. You're gonna be fine E-Lazer, I have faith. Keep us all posted on how things go. Before you know it, you'll be back. Everyone comes back.
  11. Vitali

    How to Restore Rock Lump/Wand of the High Researcher Icons

    Grinkles, you're an actual blessing to this server/ community. Everything you've done and created and just found out to share with people is mind blowing to me. Thank you for being awesome. You mentioned in another thread how grim this place can be. I really like seeing your posts. A breath of...
  12. Vitali

    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    Draxx was abrasive but I really liked that guy. Don/Snig owns Aomi, you'll have to get a hold of him for anything as far as that goes. He's on Facebook, easy to get in contact with. Nobody from CW plays here, and only a few rarely check the forum for any inkling of improvement here.
  13. Vitali

    Hotkeys, your UI, and you!

    Maybe someday I'll come back and overhaul this thread. I've got a boatload of PMs to update this thing for 2.5. I had no idea it was so popular honestly.
  14. Vitali

    the nice guy list

    Jarh was a pretty nice guy, amirite?
  15. Vitali

    It's been a long time...

    Grats on escaping Azkaban
  16. Vitali

    It's been a long time...

    So I assume Draxx and toons are still banned? RIP in pieces Monk guy, you were so young! But hey, it's only been like 8 years. I don't think that's been enough time for you to learn your lesson about telling someone how terrible they are on a forum not officially connected to SoD at all.
  17. Vitali

    Windows 10

    Who was phone?
  18. Vitali

    It's been a long time...

    Oh Swiftur man, this may sound silly but when Aisling and I get together and talk about the good times in SoD we still talk about you jousting Earth Terror WW on your Paladin lol. Good times.
  19. Vitali

    Semi-Public Buff Bots

    -Removed Post Meant For Another Thread: Thanks Phone!-
  20. Vitali

    It's been a long time...

    Man, no idea. They shut quaker steak down so swiftly and quietly there isn't really an alternative.
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