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    Kind Lady

    Can this just stay up constantly? It's mildly annoying to have to watch discord channels to see if/when it's up, it spawns enough during prime time to be practically the same thing and it's pretty clear it's spawned to benefit certain friends. It just seems mildly pointless to have it be a...
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    Archaic Frag Suggestion

    Archaics for most classes are fairly class defining spells and when there was a higher population at lower tiers hanging out killing prison/rust/enthann/tot/etc you could reasonably expect to make them with a decent amount of luck (some exceptions of course for exceptionally bad streaks but I...
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    Wtb Spirit Of Soothing

    I'm looking for this spell, if you have it at a price that isn't thoroughly insane I would be interested in buying it. Kolshira/Shallot/Masuriya in game.
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    Errors using patcher

    After my power went out, I started having issues connecting to the game using the patcher. Whenever I hit 'patch and run' it gives me an error: "Unable to contact server with diagnostic information! Please check your internet explorer settings and ensure you can connect to...
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