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    Wildkin Spirit vs The Spiritwalkers

    These are the Quest Lines for Barbarian Beastlords and Shamans respectively. Started at level one, lasting to about level 20-25. They both require the same exact items for each step along the way, the only difference is while all the peices for the Shaman seem to have been updated into an...
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    Good bye old friend

    Ill miss you Peridox
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    Last Stand

    Last Stand is a Euro/American Hybrid progression guild, meaning we will raid not only European times, but American times as well. We are a T11/12 guild looking to build our ranks and start pushing T13. We enjoy doing 6 and 12 man content as well as exping and questing, and have many veteran...
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    New Bard(or everyone) Thing(AA or w/e)

    I see crazy ideas are in the air again, so im going to voice one of my crazy ideas (or not so crazy compared to others) "Increased Morale" - Buff, Song Window, 30s. Group only. Effect - Increase HP regen by 15 per tick(overcap), Increase Mana regen by 25 per tick(overcap), Increase all damage...
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    Dissonatatus, Bladedancer's Enmity

    Is there any ideas floating around on if there is going to be a change to make this item worth wearing again? Im all for droping the double attack on it, but it was dropped alittle too much and should have something else added to make it worth wearing. Maybe increase the double attack chance or...
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    March To Strife

    Ive made a /bug of this about 8 months ago, and then again about a month or two ago, and havnt seen it fixed yet, so I guess a post is in order. March to Strife offers a 4.0 percussion mod. This applies to dots very well, increasing the damage accordingly. For other songs though, it offers a...
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    Balance Bards?

    This post is to talk about how could you make bards not completely fall off with the tweaking the gain from our 4.3 sword, which should get turned down some, and it instead, I say we bring more focus into song dps. Im going to list my idea, and would love to hear some feed back from other bards...
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    Bards and You

    In light of the recent discussion on about 4.3 loot being looked at, I though I would make a post about Bards, and their life on SoD. Buckle your seat belts because this will be a long read. (there will be no TL;DR) We will start this with Bards through the Tiers. Bards offer great utility to...
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    Class Tome Rework

    Im creating this thread because I believe we all know of 1 or more class tomes that could be different and dont offer any real benefits to the class. My input is the Third Bard Class Tome. I know I am not the only bard that feels like Quiet Reflection needs to get changed in some way, and I...
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    Haste, How does it work?

    I would love to have a dev or someone who knoes 100% how haste works because I get confused sometimes by what certain items/buffs offer. Theres Melee Haste, v1, v2, v3, Overhaste, and im curious as to what stacks with what? or they dont stack at all? theres a cap? so Melee haste being the most...
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    Important Bard Songs do not work.

    I have not seen any post about the Bard Songs being... useless now. Here is all the information I know. Relic: Melody of the Shield - Does not mitigate any spell damage at all. Relic: Fiery Warcry of Tarhyl - The Overhaste and Spell focus aspects of this song do not work. Song of the...
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