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  1. Daffie

    Seasonal Token Reminder

    Can you put season related stuff on the front/home page? Some of us are excited about seasons, but may not read through all the forums.
  2. Daffie

    How much can you duo?

    Warrior/Druid is going to be a good duo. MoP is a thing, but having ports is really nice. If you don't care about the ports, I'd roll a war/claric
  3. Daffie

    The Paladin Class

    I like some of the paladin style/discipline ideas, especially a "dps" stance. I recall having a brutal time leveling my paladin due to having such bad DPS with my Pal/Shaman duo, so any type of boost to DPS via the style/discipline system would certainly help the solo/duo game.
  4. Daffie

    Top End Dungeons

    Mana drain should really be renamed to fun sap
  5. Daffie

    The Paladin Class

    I haven't played my Paladin in a LONG time, but just to add some perspective: Prior to having R2 and descending judgement, it is a brutal cycle to keep agro. Even after getting descending judgement, which is a game changer but a high mana cost, it can be a brutal cycle to keep agro (especially...
  6. Daffie

    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    Regent requirements have been, and always will be, a horrible feature.
  7. Daffie

    Xbox Controller UI and Keymap

    This is super cool. Next project should be getting this working with a Nintendo Power Glove.
  8. Daffie

    Possible Desync / Lag Fix *Windows 10*

    In retrospect, the affinity setting change fix is not shocking. EQ has had problems utilizing multi core CPUs since they were invented. (In the old days, I use to have to set the affinity manually each time I launched EQ. It was a pain in the ass, but it was the only way that I was able to...
  9. Daffie

    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Weapon nerfs have almost always been viewed by the player base as bad. How will the weapon nerfs impact the xp/farm game? I was thinking of rolling an enchanter for the next season, so I'm excited to see those changes in action.
  10. Daffie

    patching troubles

    If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, here you go...
  11. Daffie

    Lheo's Feedback

    I recently spent a tons of levels camping this. I can't even tell you how many visionaries I have killed, but it is a lot. I haven't seen the Globe drop. Before I was camping it, somebody mentioned to me that they have some 40 hours into the camp (right before me) with no globe. This camp...
  12. Daffie

    Some feedback from a guy

    MOP is frustrating to new players. I just is. It can be frustrating for veteran players too (lag or the fact that auto follow is tough.) MOP is almost like fast travel in modern games, which is required if you want people to play the game. MOP is painful enough without keepers because you have...
  13. Daffie

    Shaman revamp.

    I've also used the R1 in caster groups during fights where moving is not a thing. Overall, what good is a heal spell that only gets cast on casters? I recall the range on this been small too, but it's been a while since I have been playing. Listed the R1 stuff that I think should be...
  14. Daffie

    Shaman revamp.

    It's been some years since I have played, but here is my 2 cents: 1. Runic 1 is mostly garbage. (The utility of having a group heal is better than not having one, but it is pretty crappy...) 2. I never got Runic 2 so I can't comment there. 3. Stat buff casting sucked at lower levels. 4. Useful...
  15. Daffie

    I have only just heard of SoD. Seeking info.

    Try it out. It's a super fun and rewarding game. Since it is free, what is there to really lose???
  16. Daffie

    Damage over Time idea.

    Sounds like Shaman need Mana Burn and Life Fire. I'm all in!
  17. Daffie

    Wizard AA Addition - SB

    I am under the impression that it might be possible to add more AA since the client upgrade? It sure would be nice to be able to Soul Bond rbow. It would make raiding as a Wizard less Grrr. I don't see it as a life changing thing, just a QOL improvement that might be a quick add since it is sort...
  18. Daffie

    Cascading Vim

    There is a certain "big..." druid who may cry if you get rid of vim. that said, I recall many deaths at the hand of his vim casting... :)
  19. Daffie

    Contest: Loading Messages

    It is literally my favorite thing in SOD. I like it better than that level 1 funny name event we did in the arena a few years ago! "Repairing to roll the dice of misfortune..." Because he really does deserve a mob to be named after him. "Spawning Grinklesbot_8675309..." Is old EQ humor ever...
  20. Daffie

    main quest progression

    This is very true. That said, some quests (or finishing some quests) have to wait until you are better geared/AAed/Tomed, and that is OK. When I was fresh 65 with my Paladin/Shaman duo, I was just able to duo eldanals entrance mobs. Some times they would gang up on me during respawn and I...
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