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  1. Wesell

    Command to display guild rank of a player

    The in-game command /guildstatus prints leader, officer, or member depending on the guild rank of the player targeted. The problem is each guild has 6 ranks (0-5) not 3 so some information is lost. It would be helpful if this command could be tweaked to display the title assigned to their rank...
  2. Wesell

    Ethereal Spells

    Check our vendors for lots of the most powerful spells in the game at great prices! We have the following currently in stock: Stikeho ∙ Assorted spells Spell: Focus of Soul - 5000 platinum pieces. Spell: Purification - 300 platinum pieces. Spell: Spreading Snares - 400 platinum pieces...
  3. Wesell

    Nart faction bindable gear

    Referencing this thread: Gleaming Scale Helmet still can't be faction bound.
  4. Wesell

    A gnoll priestess getting stuck durring Spirit Call

    A gnoll preistess gets stuck at location 922, 966, -18 during the quest Spirit Call if you kill the goblins that get spawned on the watch tower on this island too quickly. Hailing her when she is stuck like this and she will respond 'Is now really the time? Bark!'
  5. Wesell

    Treats for The Candy Man are broken

    After this mornings patch the treats for The Candy Man quest have been changed into non-stack items, breaking the quest.
  6. Wesell

    Simple T-Maps for levels 20 - 40

    See this thread for a discussion of why many feel there are problems with simple T-Maps. I propose that a series of quests be implemented that give every player the chance to dig one 20s T-Map, one 30s T-Map, and one 40s T-Map. Instead of having the T-Map event start with a player looting a map...
  7. Wesell

    Traekoth the Ancient - Wednesday 10/3 7 PM CDT

    Everyone did a great job Sunday night including Zhylrak, who was tanking without his decanter and did great. We had 3 textbook executions, but in the end we didn't have the necessary DPS to take down Treak before the healers ran out of mana. A number of new people are holding at 57 so we should...
  8. Wesell

    Patcher visuals update - volunteering

    I really love the great design work that has gone into the web site, but the patcher needs some lovin’. I’d like to update the look of the SoD patcher to bring it in line with the nice visuals on the web site. Maybe also do some minor work (keep files.txt from getting corrupted or automatically...
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