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  1. Wiz

    ATTENTION: New Rule

    From now on, whenever you post about 'casual' players you have to use the word 'hatfields' to refer to casual players. Whenever you post about 'hardcore' players you have to use the word 'mccoys' to refer to hardcore / high tier players. EXAMPLE: 'The nerf to Thazeran's tower means that casual...
  2. Wiz

    Open Raiding Forum

    Since the pick up raid threads are kind of malplaced in SOD discussion and tend to be missed among all other topics, here is a forum for creating and organizing pick up raids. Open Raiding Rules - In this forum, you may post pick-up raids, discuss pick-up raids, raid targets and raid tiers...
  3. Wiz

    Dawntide Beta

    A certain game under the development of yours truly is now accepting applications for Beta 1. Please go here for information and links.
  4. Wiz

    It's been a good run

    I don't think this post will come to a surprise to anyone, given my general absence from the forums and game, but since people are still asking for me, emailing me and in general seem a little confused about my exact role in the server as of late, I thought I'd make this thread. As of today, I...
  5. Wiz

    Vendor / Banker Character Names Discussion Megathread of Happy Fun Times

    In the past we have ignored names like 'guildbank' and 'wizaugs' because it was generally local and low visibility, but with names like that more and more taking over auction and the listsold, we are going to start cracking down. From now on, there are no exceptions to the naming policy, and any...
  6. Wiz

    (Dawntide) Working as Intended is hiring

    Just wanted to put this up here because I've gotten a few questions from SOD players about whether WAI is hiring. Go to the Dawntide page and click the "We are hiring" link for details. Please note for those not familiar with Dawntide that this is not SOD-related, and are actual paid...
  7. Wiz

    Dawntide screenshots

    For those of you following Dawntide, we've just released the first batch of screenshots that at least partially resemble what the game world will look like on release. Note, however, that they're still lacking polish, and this is no way final. Click me!
  8. Wiz

    a humble suggestion

    I have long felt that <MY CLASS> is sorely lacking on the raiding scene because while <ABILITY MY CLASS CAN DO> is useful, it is not nearly so useful as <ABILITY OTHER CLASS HAS>. I am basing this fact on the fact that while browsing the forums today, I saw at least one guild willing to recruit...
  9. Wiz


    Manually change eqhost.txt in your game directory to read as follows: [Registration Servers] { "" } [Login Servers] { "" }
  10. Wiz


    Seriously. Just hail her again and tell her you can't complete it.
  11. Wiz

    Pristine system mistakes thread

    This thread is to report any items that have been mistakenly flagged as PRISTINE/BIND ON EQUIP or lack the flag. The following items should be flagged: Any items that are Magic / Lore Dropped loot (exceptions below) Crafted items Droppable quest reward equipment The following items should NOT...
  12. Wiz

    The Dare Game

    Welcome to the dare thread, wherein you may partake in a dazzling challenge of wits and skill. This is a thread wherein you, the daree, will be given a dare to complete in-game by me, the darer. The rules are as follows: 1) To play you must have an active SOD account (also known as the no...
  13. Wiz

    Special edition guild-specific raiding mobs

    To reduce the very valid complaints about how there's no raiding zone that drops every piece of loot in the game, gives you archaics, is situated right next to athica and is never occupied by another guild when you want to raid it, I'm making some raiding mobs that should be ideally suited to...
  14. Wiz

    Forum URL changed

    The proper forum URL is now instead of, so change your bookmarks if you're having problems staying logged in.
  15. Wiz

    SOD Offline Edition

    Now that Volkov found the old game I coded for server downtimes back when Shards of Dalaya was not called Shards of Dalaya (and i downloaded the DLL that fixes the issues it has with XP), I want to share it with all of you. Mash this link for the gaming experience of your life.
  16. Wiz

    Update on Dark Rot

    Here's the deal: I've been stupidly busy ever since shortly after I put in Dark Rot, and despite my best intentions I haven't been able to find the time to implement the Hierophant war parts, and I probably won't for another week or so at least. For this reason, I will be removing dark rot from...
  17. Wiz

    Just a little notice about codexes

    I halved the amount of exp required to max each codex, because it was set to twice the amount originally intended. So if you progress into a codex doubled, no reason to bug report it.
  18. Wiz

    HoTs and the song box

    On account of dark rot showing us how tight buff slots are, I am going to authorize this one single movement of a spell line into the songs box, which has been request before. Heal over Time spells will now use the song box. Do not request any other spell line ever to be moved into the song box...
  19. Wiz

    A call to war

    A new, uncurable plague called 'Dark Rot' is spreading across the land and threatening the entire Old World. It has been revealed that the architect of this plague is a lieutenant of Kaezul, known as The Hierophant. He resides on a heavily fortified island outside Ikisith, and two things will be...
  20. Wiz

    Dawntide alpha openings

    I am putting together a final version of the dawntide alpha that we are going to show to people who will give us money to develop this game. As part of this, I'd like to put together a larger alpha testing team for stress tests and finding glaring errors and crash bugs in the client and server...
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