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  1. Kedrin

    Kedrin's Notes

    I will add to this as I play. Having non-season toons train the group with mobs that are locked is the worst feeling. Every time, people wished the season was on its own new server. Some items are overturned, not sure how devs feel about this but, currently, a decent amount of group/duo...
  2. Kedrin

    Beneficial Spells Duration[Alternate Advancement AA Points]

    This request is repetitively straight forward: Open up Spell Casting Reinforcement and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery to every class for ten times the cost. Spell Casting Reinforcement = This ability increases the duration of beneficial spells that you cast by 5, 15, and 30 percent for 2...
  3. Kedrin

    Call to Battle

    Not sure anyone cares but I have been updating some Vah items on wiki and noticed that two spells in game are called "Call to Battle" Spell ID: 1486 Slot 2: Increase Current HP by 1 per tick Slot 3: Increase Max HP by 2 Slot 12: Increase ATK by 30 Spell ID: 2586 Slot 2: Increase Current HP by...
  4. Kedrin

    Ranger Bird [Runic: Bird of Prey and other Birds]

    I want to start off by saying I aim to be as positive as possible in this post. I personally feel that there is a great deal of small problems with the class I play most often, Rangers, however I want to just focus on this one specific topic. Thank you beforehand for everyone's input. I will now...
  5. Kedrin


    First let me start out by saying thank you very much for: I might be a bit too bored and I'm trying to edit some of the buffs that were increased. Oddity I found: Spell: Talisman of Kragg is a level 55 Focus yet it doesn't have the CHA or ATK like the other buffs in the Buff Line. It simply...
  6. Kedrin

    Lame Ass Thank You Post INC

    I haven't played SoD consistently in quite some time. This past week has been the first week I've logged on multiple times in at least 6 months. I work far too much as well as going to school leaving very little free time. SoD has always felt like "been there done that." So I've have little pull...
  7. Kedrin


    You have 14 Days. If after that time the [Yale Loot] is not properly tuned, I am deleting my characters, and cancelling all of my accounts. The rest of my guild will follow suit, as will several other guilds and people that play [SoD]. To be brief, Yale loot might need to get looked at. 14...
  8. Kedrin

    Pokémon Go Next level shit.
  9. Kedrin

    [2.5 UI] Kedrin's User Interface

    Here is a picture my old UI I used for old SoD (2.0?): Currently one of the main things holding me back from enjoying my time on 2.5 is simply due to the UI being so terrible. I haven't had too much free time. However, I am trying to make a UI for 2.5. Just felt like showing you guys what I...
  10. Kedrin

    [2.5] At first glance

    HP (buffless obviously) 10423 = HP in 2.5 9002 = HP on fomelo 1421 difference (13.64%) Mana (buffless obviously) 9907 = Mana 2.5 8664 = Mana on fomelo 1243 difference (12.55%) Quivers Right click uses 2 charges and only summons 1 arrow. It should only use 1 charge and summon a full stack (20...
  11. Kedrin

    Game of Thrones - Season 5 (2015)

    Boobies. The four episodes were not too bad. Seems like this season is starting off slower than others.
  12. Kedrin

    Daredevil (2015) on Netflix

    This show is rather kick ass. You should watch it. On episode 9 pooping in socks.
  13. Kedrin

    Quality of Life [List of unoriginal ideas]

    List of things I would like to see happen: 1) Remove regents from spells/buffs that can simply be summoned. Basically any spell that requires a Peridot should just not have a regent. There is simply no reason for the time loss of logging into a mage to summon dots just to cast R:Aego or...
  14. Kedrin

    [Think Tank] Third Warrior Tome Idea(s)

    I think it would be sweet to see a Warrior in SoD Dual wielding shield just because it would be cool as hell. Stone Wall Rank 1 - Grants the Warrior the ability to use a Shield in their Secondary as a weapon. All shields would be .5 ratio based on the amount of AC they had (not counting...
  15. Kedrin

    [TV Show] Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey (2014)

    Here is the first episode if you missed it.
  16. Kedrin

    [STEAM] Left 4 Dead 2

    Left 4 Dead 2 is currently free on steam. If you don't have the game already; it is now a click away.
  17. Kedrin

    Gemstone of the Scale/Storm Type 2 vs 5

    I am going to be very honest and upfront from the get go. This post started out to be very self-centered, and then turned into a possible good idea. Even still, if any of these ideas do get implemented it would benefit me and that would be cool. Sorry I'm selfish... I originally wanted to post...
  18. Kedrin

    [Runic 2] Rangers Bird Pet

    Is there any way this pets health could be looked into? My pet has zero chance of living through the Blazewind and Warchief Rujik Moktar fights, unless a healer is healing the group only for my pets hp and that would lead to them going OOM faster and then us being unable to win the fights. I...
  19. Kedrin

    Glowing Shards

    So is there a reason behind this change? I foresee this being a problem as people now have a reason to farm Warchief Rujik Moktar every time they get a new bracer upgrade that has a type 3 aug. The item is rather rare and FWF has only got a handful of them. We are currently the only guild who...
  20. Kedrin

    Companion Health and Companion Strength focuses

    In light of the 02/04/2012 patch: I'm not sure if my post here was not the sole reason for this change. It was a very hacky mechanic in the game that should have been fixed quite a while ago. So I am happy that it is fixed and working properly. It's also cool to see pets have a bit more hp...
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