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  1. phroggonalog

    Is Guard of Mercy working as intended?

    Hello! I would like to preface this by saying thanks to whoever created the Trial of Althuna quest for paladins in Newport -- it is in character, it is fun, the rewards are neat, and it addresses the need for more paladin questing =) Guard of Mercy [MAGIC ITEM][LORE ITEM][NO DROP] Slot...
  2. phroggonalog

    SoD IRL
  3. phroggonalog


    Any thoughts on this? I'm doing their intro to Python right now
  4. phroggonalog

    Ring of Vengeance Quest

    ...just wanted to say that this is a fun quest, thank you whichever dev created it! straightforward yet interesting, engaging
  5. phroggonalog

    I believe I am returning

    Just ordered a new computer off of Newegg, I think I'll be coming back :)
  6. phroggonalog

    I'm now a dad

  7. phroggonalog

    Rappan Athuk (Pathfinder ed.)

    Hi I am about to attempt Rappan Athuk with some friends and I will be playing (lol) a dwarf rogue. I have not played DnD in years, I have never played pathfinder, and all I know about Rappan Athuk is that I will die. Here is my incomplete character sheet. I have about 250gp left to spend Also...
  8. phroggonalog

    Dust 514

    anyone playing this? i dont know why i like it, but i do
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    If you haven't seen/heard of this game yet, it is worth checking out the alpha videos:
  10. phroggonalog

    Cannot delete character

    Trying to delete a character, instead of deleting after y/n prompt the screen goes black, then I get the disconnected message
  11. phroggonalog

    Lord Commander Ragarati Raid

  12. phroggonalog

    Gemweave vs. Vah Newbie Quest Rewards

    Vah Town and Runnyeye are really cool zones! The questlines for the classes are also cool! I haven't gotten to the final step of any questline, but the weapon rewards look cool as well! However! As a non-vah, you have to do a fair amount of factioning (maybe 1-2 hours worth at level 25?)...
  13. phroggonalog

    The Mist Stalker

    yo can we amp up this adept a bit? it made for an interesting fight when people weren't quite sure where the conal poison dot came from, but now that everyone knows the strat, it is simply an easy adept my proposal is to make her poison a 360 PBAE, so that healers have to actually cure in...
  14. phroggonalog

    You throw away

    so much food and drink it's disgusting. I understand the potential to abuse stat food and drink, but it is pretty annoying to see the "you throw away message" when I havent moved my food/drink in hours. can this be tweaked/improved/fixed?
  15. phroggonalog

    Damaged Golden Hoop

    [MAGIC ITEM] [BIND ON EQUIP] [PRISTINE] Slot: EAR FINGERS FACE AC: 2 (3) STR: +5 (6) DEX: +2 (3) AGI: +2 (3) HP: +10 (11) MANA: +5 (6) WT: 0.0 Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL Slot 1 type 3: empty I think this item should probably maybe have [LORE] added to it! It drops in The...
  16. phroggonalog

    more Rykke music news

    after my successful spring quarter jury as a grad student, I've been offered a small ($700) scholarship and a TA position! woooooo
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  18. phroggonalog

    Zealot's Blow

    Nerf it. Have a cleric at 41 who is using it almost exclusively in adept engagements, and also a cleric at 14 that could not have succeeded in killing Angar without it. 1.0 second cast with almost no recast time that is more efficient than any other heal that a cleric gets is just stupid good...
  19. phroggonalog

    Bugged Throwing Weapon, range/ammo equipped still won't throw

    Gust of Wind [MAGIC ITEM] [NO DROP] [NO RENT] Slot: RANGE AMMO Skill: Throwing Atk Delay: 25 DMG: 5 Magic DMG: 5 Effect: Whirling Wind (Combat) DEX: +8 AGI: +8 HP: +20 SV MAGIC: +5 Recommended level of 30. WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL Class: ALL Race: ALL Summoned by Produce from Haversack of the...
  20. phroggonalog

    Runnyeye, various things

    -some keys no rent/no drop, some not, none work with keyring. whether or not the keys should go on the keyring is not really my concern, but they should be all [no rent][no drop], or none of them should be [no rent][no drop]! -it is possible to kill mayor buku without aggroing the mob in his...
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