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    Question Night 9/10/2021

    [7:48 CST] Dev-Muerte says ooc, 'Question 1: Any information about Season Two or a timeframe on when to expect that?' Dev-Cole says ooc, 'We are hoping to begin Season 2 in the beginning weeks of October.' Dev-Muerte says ooc, 'Any thoughts about opening up Runic 2 drops to other zones besides...
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    Well Illustrated Map Drop Rate

    I was curious as to if Well Illustrated Treasure Map drop rate has been nerfed in the past 6 months or so. I know I have spent a lot of hours in deepshade (along with many other people) and have seen hardly any of them. I know they used to be relatively common (Atleast 1 every 2 to 3 clears of...
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    Bane and elemental damage

    Is there any way to get the highest bane item (monster, dragonkin, construct/clockwork, etc) and total elemental damage added onto fomelo somewhere? Thanks!
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    Sworn Hunter’s Trinket

    This item has a 1 second clicky of Alacrity, which is a 40% haste that lasts 10 minutes unless a beastlord or shaman is in your group, but then you’re getting a better version of this buff anyways. Is there any way for this to cast the highest level haste for shamans (swift like the wind since...
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    Traekoth Jr.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for this monster to drop 2 loots now instead of just 1. In the past, I believe the reasoning was it only dropped 1 loot because it also dropped tomes. Doing the pretty tedious keying quest which involves some incredible rng waiting for Baldakos to spawn...
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    MielechD key

    Currently to get into MielechD you need the Bottle of Ooze (acquired from the Delicacies of Dormim quest) in your inventory to be able to zone in. I was wondering if this would be able to be usable from the bank, or better yet, keyringed. Thanks!
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    "Copy char" function of the patcher not working

    When trying to use the Copy Char function on the updated patcher, I am not able to copy the UI and keep getting the following error message: This function worked really well before the latest patcher update and was a nice little QOL improvement. Thanks for looking into it and perhaps it is...
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    Adding Runic 1 pieces to LOIO fort

    I was wondering if it would be possible for Runic 1 pieces to be added to LOIO fort. They seem to drop in all of the other Ikisith xp areas (Citadel, BQ, Kaesora) and it would make sense to me for them to be added here as this area wasn't available during Ikisith release. If there is some lore...
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    Spell: Voice of Kaezul

    Currently this spell has a 9 minutes grey out period from when it is memmed to when you can cast it. I was wondering if this greying out period could be taken off of the spell. As it currently exists, you need to mem the spell and refresh to be able to cast it in a reasonable amount of time. The...
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    Problem with "Curiouser and Curiouser"

    EXACT NAME OF QUEST NPC: Genklog the Curious located in Murk city WHAT STAGE OF THE QUEST YOU ARE ON: I am asked to spawn "a murkwater ranids" or "a murkwater bufons" by carrying around an Ogre Swill in my inventory. My journal says, "Genklog wants four skins from amphibians in the Murk that...
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    City of Mercy Orbs

    I would like to suggest that the 3 City of Mercy orbs (Courtyard, Four Temples, and Sanctum) be able to be turned into one of the Cultists, and in return, you get one super orb that works on all of the wards. Something along the name of Orb of the City. This change would make a little bit more...
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    Gtoo's spells for charm fund!

    Gtoo's spells/items for charm fund! Since Gtoo is too lazy to make a post selling spells, he is making me. So here we go: ( All Prices are Or Best Offer, I just want to sell for more than the vendor price!) Cleric Level 64: Elixir of Bliss 250pp Level 62: Condemnation 175pp Druid Level...
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    Shadowknight Vah Sword

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, or if it is even allowed, but I would like a confirmation on the drops in City of Mercy for the Shadowknight Vah Sword. I know for sure the boss drops his piece(Righteous Gem), but no one has seen the other pieces (atleast no one that I have...
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    Patcher Problem

    My patcher is hanging on "Getting patch list". I have my Patcher pointing to my EQ folder. Anyone know what the problem could be?
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    Is it just me or is the server down? :? :?
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