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    I Think I'm Done

    The majority of my Dalayan friends are long gone but I would like to acknowledge a few great people I have met over the course of my years here. There is no easy way to close the book on a game with as much /p as I accumulated on my paladin, but I have not been active for a long time so now...
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    Spires Bracers Discussion (Split from Fortune Favors the Diverse - Bonus Raid Loot)

    Doesn't sound like it applies to you top end guys anyway since every boss in Spires, Sanctum, and Tur Ruj have guaranteed drops (keys, books, frags).
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    Dark Souls 2

    ...comes out this Tuesday, March 11 (console versions). If you're grabbing it for PS3 then hit me up for jolly cooperation. (psn: theechrisfox) Here is a little more information about the game (source): "Dark Souls II is a Dark Fantasy RPG Centered around tense dungeon exploration and a...
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    WTB Divine Radiance 1

    Willing to pay in platinum pieces. In person transaction preferred. Plz send a tell to Lindstrom or send me a private message on this forum.
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Usually subscription fees are about as palatable as an earwax milkshake, but this game has me pretty well hooked. If you are a fan of all things Final Fantasy (chocobos, dragoons, materia, etc) you will probably like this game. The atmosphere is sopping-wet with the most nostalgic themes from...
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    A decent mid tier paladin

    available. My raid resume is big.
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    wtb Racing Thoughts 2

    also bodily resiSTance 2. paying raw platinum elf bucks.
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    Legplates of Vituperation

    I think they should be inventory clickable. For example, Ashpyre is a very useful clicky and it is inventory clickable. Legplates of Vituperation are a very useful clicky and you need to un-equip your godly spires greaves to click them. -Lindstrom
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    Tears of The Crusader Class Tome

    Does the innate group heal proc on Tears of the Crusader break feign death of group members?
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