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  1. darksabbath

    hi there again..

    Been debating a return lately, just had that itch. What is the population like these days? Anybody left from my days in Prestige by chance? I did patch and log in last night, and noted my old ui files are broken for the newer client. Does anyone have any updated files I could just download and...
  2. darksabbath

    Windows Taskbar Issue

    Ever since the update that fixed the target rings (thank you, thank you, and thank you!), my Win7 laptop has an issue with the windows taskbar overlaying the game. My Win8.1 machine doesn't have this problem, however. Anyone have an idea to fix this, besides the auto-hide taskbar command?
  3. darksabbath

    Beastlord Third Tome

    Beastial Frenzy Gives the beastlord a 5/7.5/10/12.5% chance to flurry, and adds 1/2/3/4% crit chance, but only while he/she has an active warder. So, I haven't seen any suggestions for this in ages, and I thought I would toss an idea out, and get the conversation started, at least. The first...
  4. darksabbath

    Blademaster's Rhythm 1

    WTB this tome, post here, message me here, or message Andari in game and we can talk price.
  5. darksabbath


    Instead of sidetracking the other thread, I thought I'd create a new one for this discussion, as it is an important one. Now, the prevailing thought is that charms can't be changed, it is just too late in the game to do that. But who says the existing ones need to changed? Couldn't some new...
  6. darksabbath

    Not a Shaman or Necro thread

    Thought I'd do something different for this forum. It's a real simple request, please give Beastlords a group sow spell (pack spirit or bih`li). The obligatory comparisons: Druid: SoW at lvl 14 Pack spirit at lvl 39 Ranger: SoW at level 30 Pack spirit at lvl 53 Shaman: SoW at lvl 9...
  7. darksabbath

    WTB BST spells

    I heard a couple new BST spells were added while I was away. WTB Spirit of Soothing, Message me here, or in game with price.
  8. darksabbath

    Proc rates

    First, I love this addition to Fomelo, thank you very much. But I have a question on some of the proc rates, and I wonder if maybe the decimal point was put in wrong. First example: Lionpelt Tunic, Reactive proc .4% Which I looted with an adept alt, while leveling. Can it even go off if it...
  9. darksabbath

    Shedari's Tasks

    This quest series comes from general Shedari in Surefall. But part 3 seems broken, and while it tells you it is updating your journal, it never actually does put a journal entry in, until you get to the third quest. But once I zoned, it left my journal. The first task, he asks you to acquire the...
  10. darksabbath

    Ice Comet nerf?

    Was this spell stealth nerfed, or was this an accident? Even according to the wiki Ice Comet should do just over 1.1k damage. I have a 2% cold focus (thurg ring) on my wiz, but am doing only 814 dmg. It costs 400 mana to cast. For that cost, I am better off using Rend, which costs only 280...
  11. darksabbath

    A Struggling Society

    I am working on my refuge faction, and Caretaker Kolsaz has sent me to poison the giant's beer shipment. I guess the brewery is on strike or something, as there is no shipment. Nothing on track, no crate inside the fort like some have reported. Any chance a Dev-type person could take a look at...
  12. darksabbath


    Disclaimer: Incoming wall o' text, deal with it. Beastlords; the red-headed stepchild of SoD it seems. As mentioned in /ooc the other night, the least played class in SoD, even. But why is that? With our pet, we can contribute decent dps, and we have some nice buffs (sv, sb, cotb, sav). But...
  13. darksabbath

    The Transportation Matrix

    I have tried petitioning this for several days, with no response at all, so I'll try posting this here. I was working on this quest, and I got to the part where you do the hand-ins for the meteoric tal yan needle with Garlii. I handed him the needle, small meteoric ingot, and the 1k plat, and...
  14. darksabbath

    Firinis Theory

    I was working on this quest tonight, for my Bst Ranseur. I met the Ghost of Girian in the back of the bank, did all the text, and then the fight started. At 0%, Ranseur died, but the rest of the group finished the kill. The corpse had nothing on it, but the quest walkthrough said nothing about...
  15. darksabbath

    The New Cmal...

    .. is freaking awesome. It's a little challenging (at first), but the rewards are better also. Thank you Devs :)
  16. darksabbath

    Group Sow

    Could Beastlords please get a group SoW spell added to their spell list? It would save a lot of time when it comes to needing to move your group, especially when moving between maps, or doing quests in Ikisith. For Comparison: Druid: SoW at 14th Level, Pack Spirit (group SoW) at 39th Level...
  17. darksabbath

    Frost Seal

    Could a GM/Dev please confirm this is still dropping as intended? I spent the afternoon killing those skels, and saw a half dozen each of the venom, flame, and force seals, but not one single frost seal. If I had a legion of necro, mage, and enc alts.. I'd be giddy I guess, but I don't :( Seems...
  18. darksabbath

    A question on +skill items

    Specifically, this question is on items that add +1hs, +h2h, etc. I recently bought a haste cloak for my twink rogue(lvl 48). Specifically I bought a bloody cloak of the offering, with +10 pierce on it, and saw his attack jump about 60 points. Obviously, his pierce skill is capped at 200, due to...
  19. darksabbath

    North Kaladim

    Recently, a friend and I were looking for a different place to hunt with our lvl 42 alts. We decided to try out North Kaladim, because we had easily out-grown South Kaladim, and it seemed an under-used zone for exp-ing. We soon found out why. We were both two-boxxing, and have some twinkage...
  20. darksabbath

    Looking For Guild

    Hello, I am looking for a guild. Recently returned to SoD, to find my old guild all but defunct. I am on regularly during the week, 6pm to 11pm EST. Fridays can be iffy, I may be doing stuff with real life friends. Weekends are a no way, those are for the wife and kid only. I am seeking an...
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