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  1. Jmayzak

    Shard of Venomous Growth Procs: Wave of Toxicity Has a knockback component. Intended, or can this get fixed to be straight damage? Pushes mobs around that are vulnerable to the knockback, basically annoying tanks/melee. Yiv chieftain shield also has...
  2. Jmayzak

    Account Bound Toons

    Bind two [limit] characters linked to same email by command. Permanent. These characters can now listsend [No Drop][Bound] items between each other. Archtypes can reroll once. Alts rejoice. Single player bank space.
  3. Jmayzak

    Defender's Guard Review (Minor Spoiler)

    A short review and comments on future adjustment. 1. Tank-ability From the perspective of a Knight Tank. Tiers are adjusted to feel. AC conversion to block is of primary importance, and the Guard scores last when using HPs as a secondary gauge. Options for adjustment depend on AC, as...
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