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    Character transfer

    Recently I have not been able to log into shards of dalaya due to connection issues. I am able to log into shards, VIA eqEMU. hence, I am requesting my accounts, lockon96, lockon97, lockon98 all created on the shards of dalaya login server be transfer to 3 different eqEMU accounts yet to be...
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    Unable to login

    Takes around 3 minutes to 3 hours per login... randomly choosing to me in or not 114ms ping to I've tried, restarting my router re-installing with Steam client, re-patching changing to google DNS VPN
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    sever reset.
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    Raid Strategies

    Hey guys I got some raid strats. Hopefully this information can help some low tier guilds. Feel free to update the SoD wiki with the information
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