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  1. Zapple

    Lack of Companion Health items on high tier gear

    This is a thing and has been a problem for a long time. The highest tier companion health item is Mask of Multiplicity from Conglomeration, a basement mob in Spires. A small number of items which have no focuses and would probably be good candidates to add this to are: Erd, Stone of the...
  2. Zapple

    a healer class tome idea

    (some generic ass name about regeneration or regrowth or whatever, can't think of it anything. Just throwing an idea out there I had. Probably a druid tome? feel free to name this bad idea, friends) Each tick of an applied Heal over Time spell has a chance to refresh the duration the max...
  3. Zapple

    Could we make the two Ikisith gate items not require equipping?

    This is a small request but reasonable and would be a Really Nice Thing if they were to work like almost every single other gate item that you do not need to equip to use. (Murk gate item)...
  4. Zapple

    Girdle of Enriched Stone -- no aug slot [MAGIC ITEM] [LORE ITEM] [BIND ON EQUIP] [PRISTINE] Slot: Waist AC: 37 (40) STR: +15 (16) DEX: +8 (9) STA: +8 (9) Damage Reduction: +3 Recommended level of 50. WT: 25.0 Size: Medium Class: WAR PAL RNG SHD MNK BRD...
  5. Zapple

    Where did my guild go?

    Ok, so apparently my guild is dead since no one has logged in to raid for a month or to do anything else of consequence for that matter. "RIP" as they say. This is my character. It is a mage. <--- over there. It is maybe tier 10? 11? I don't know. A tier expert may be able to tell. I have...
  6. Zapple

    Buying these Tomes:

    I no longer need to buy tomes. "Gas." as they say on another forum I post on.
  7. Zapple

    Spirit of the Vah Shir stacking issue

    I guess because so few mages have the final vah banner no one ever really found this problem before, but the Air Elemental Form AA buff: Slot 1: Illusion Elemental Slot 4: Add Weapon Proc: Shiritri's Favor Slot 8: Increase Current Mana by 4 per tick Slot 11: See Invisible...
  8. Zapple

    Buying ED Treasure Maps

    Paying 9k per, or 10k per if you sell me more than one at a time. Listsend to Nublia and I will buy your map(s), or if you don't want to lose your 2% on the listing system contact me and I can probably pick them up from you.
  9. Zapple

    Looking to kill things in Plane of Water

    Looking to take this character [Nublia] to Plane of Water and kill mobs for strings of Irathi beads, a quest item that no one but characters sworn to Sihala need. If your guild and/or pug do not need this item (and they probably don't because almost no one swears Sihala) then I will heal things...
  10. Zapple

    Timeless Spell Fragment

    Wisdom fragments. Specifically the one that looks like this <-- this one, this guy Sort of a whine thread, maybe not though? In my guild alone there are 4 characters that need this exact page. 2 clerics, 1 shaman, 1 druid. Other people I know of need this exact page including Lleoc's...
  11. Zapple

    Sihala aug quest issue

    So I'm at the part right after you find the first dead ranger corpse, hail it, and get the journal. My quest journal now reads: "[Instincts and Intentions] I found a sign of him alright... lets see what his last thoughts were..." Reading the journal leads you to believe you need to...
  12. Zapple

    Sceptre of Control

    [MAGIC ITEM] [LORE ITEM] [NO DROP] Slot: PRIMARY SECONDARY Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 31 DMG: 37 Effect: Control Destiny (Must Equip. Casting Time 1.0) STA: +10 CHA:+20 WIS: +15 INT: +15 HP: +125 MANA: +145 SV FIRE: +16 SV DISEASE: +16 SV POISON: +16 Recommended level of 65. Weight: 1.5...
  13. Zapple

    Taskmaster Xekri

    Wasn't sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but Taskmaster Xekri in Field of Bone has an issue: The chest he spawns when you kill him and all of his dudes despawns in 5 minutes after you kill it rather than 30 minutes like just about every other raid mob or chest.
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