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    Kiang/MIng/Dyfy Memory Lane

    Hi, Just revisiting memory lane over the pass years, I've always wondered how everyone was doing that I knew or thought i knew in sod... Just been very busy with life ... now I have some time to sit figured I drop in to say hi, Anyone recall the names of Kiang Ming Dyfynnog
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    65 ROG/ENC LF Raiding Guild ( GMT Pacific time evenings )

    Times available: GMT Pacific , evenings / nights / day time if really required.. Name: Kiang Class : Rogue AA : 200 and adding Gear : Crap Skills: Fishing, Picklock, pottery, tailoring (in progress) taking your wallet while your not looking ^_^ Name: Ming Class: Enchanter AA...
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    Ming / Kiang Back

    HI, This is Ming or "Mingbot" or also known to be Kiang, I left SoD in 2006 due to having no time with work and play... so now that I own my own performance shop I able to take weekends and work on the times I want so I have time to be back on SoD... It's been roughly 4 years now, and im...
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