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  1. Zapple

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    A "progression server" wouldn't have more people wanting to play. Even someone as insufferable as you probably wouldn't play more than a few weeks. The reason people put on the rose-tinted goggles for the EQ progression servers is actual content difference between the current version of EQ where...
  2. Zapple

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    Well if money is easier now than it used to be then a lot of what made things harder for new dudes to break into the game is gone. No idea why you don't see people coming to play since some EQ servers like p99 are still really popular even though classic EQ really was terrible nonsense padded...
  3. Zapple

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    All of the gay shit people don't like would still remain, though, and you'd just get super congested raid content on top of that. Like the first reply pointed out above, when we had Peak Goon in 2010-2012 all of the things that tier was constantly down due to a network of track account using...
  4. Zapple

    the nice guy list

    My computer can run things much more demanding than SoD no problem. This is a server issue that popped up this year. In any case as long as it exists there's no way I'm going to try to play when zoning hangs for several minutes before going back to the character or server select screen about...
  5. Zapple

    the nice guy list

    There's no way I'm even going to try playing again with the zoning issue, let's be real here. It was bad enough when it was just turruj.
  6. Zapple

    do dark elves have x-ray vision? is this like twitter where i only have 140 characters to have...

    do dark elves have x-ray vision? is this like twitter where i only have 140 characters to have deep intellectual conversations
  7. Zapple

    the nice guy list

    Also all of the goons except that one guy who kept making really lame jokes about how he was going to get a "Sky-rim job" (when Skyrim was new and he was going to play it) and things like that. Tough luck, guy, you're not cut out for a comedy forum's MMO guild. Eisley because he was also a cool...
  8. Zapple

    the nice guy list

    I am going to say Bango because he was a super cool dude when he played and didn't mind all of the Bango-as-mythical-figure jokes that goons kept making when I was newer to the game but also primarily so I can get in on a circlejerk because I was checking out these forums for some reason and...
  9. Zapple

    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    I think wisp model npcs can't have nameplates, as a client issue. It's an issue with a few other types of things too. Without target rings it'd be a nightmare to do that fight as an enchanter.
  10. Zapple

    Magician Changes Made?

    The water form proc is a 99 point group heal that is affected by tomes, focus etc. No idea if proc rate was changed, if it was no player was informed. Frenzy Burnout got a HOT component making it slightly more useful. The Elemental Embodiment tome was made more useful and bugfixed--was not...
  11. Zapple

    Shards of Dalaya - Review

    It's that one that has 4 arms and usually becomes a 5man after you start it.
  12. Zapple

    ToT Mending Flames Clicky for Bard, Bst, Monk

    There is a Claw Commander pantaloons thing that clicks Taraztu's Healing Flames which is probably about as good as you'll get. That monster is such a big time investment since the change though. I don't like to do it, but maybe you will.
  13. Zapple

    In praise of instances

    It isn't even hyperbole. Our guild raids 2-3 days a week and anytime we want to do Spires, Turruj, most of Sanctum, and other stuff around that tier it's just there and has likely been sitting up for 2-5 days at that. As a rule I think you'll find established guilds don't really dip too far...
  14. Zapple

    In praise of instances

    Does this even happen nowadays. Whenever we want to raid things these days it's always sitting up for days before we do it.
  15. Zapple

    new area bonus

    I think my enchanter's area bonuses haven't reset after doing over 16 tomes including all codex of power and 6 class tomes. If it's not completely broken, where it's set now is completely excessive. It used to reset every maybe 300-400 AAs worth of exp, which was usually over 3 codex of power...
  16. Zapple


    Yeah this is about right. I remember when I was new there were people all over the popular newbie zones. The problem I guess is almost no one is making alts so the low level population isn't really there now.
  17. Zapple

    Quest : Fallen Friends

    That spawn tends to bug out and disappear entirely until the zone resets. Try after a patch or after remnants crashes and comes back up.
  18. Zapple

    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    If Prophecy's raid wasn't getting destroyed by Vordrek's earthquake AOE, then the only thing I can think of is that it's percent-based and maybe subject to no mitigation. Which would probably work fine.
  19. Zapple

    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    Most of the bosses in the Lower Thaz (and thaz1 especially) have way too many hit points in general as they were able to run T13 raids with mages spitting out rods, Tear of Elael clickables, 20-24FT, etc dry or really low. Some general feedback I have here is... Lower Thaz Water The wing trash...
  20. Zapple

    6man/12man changes

    I'm bumping this because Rohk and Curator are still bodytypes that are very bad for 6man content requiring you to bring certain classes and essentially forcing certain compositions. For example a paladin on Curator almost certainly required even using the best characters in the game because of...
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