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    Tinkering - The Pressing Times

    Have you guys given any consideration to reversing the consumable oil presses? I spent the better part of a year /auctioning for mats and when I actually skilled up I had less than a stack of some of the crucial items needed for progressing. The drop rates on some of the components are so low...
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    The 4.3 robe was recently adjusted to bring in line with item progression throughout the tiers. A change that needed to be made years ago but at least it has happened. The trend for SoD history has for the most part been this way. New item gets introduced, it feels exceptionally powerful, the...
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    Giant Bag of Miscellaneous Clockwork Stuff

    Can the charges on this item be bumped from 6 to 10? To date I have farmed 44 of these bags and gotten 1 underhill port clicky. I can go upwards of 5 to 6 clears of the camp without seeing 1 powercell. Other times it's mostly 1 cell per clear, uncommon is 2, and rare is getting 3. I know I am...
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    Blade of the Prime Animation

    Buying these things for 10k per. Please post here if interested in selling said things or /cm listsend Yusuke.
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    I have taken several breaks since I started SoD back in 2005 but never have I posted in this section. Since a lot of my friends are scattered about or log in periodically I figured it would be helpful to leave this message for them, as well as for those that are currently around. Fun game...
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    I would like to start a discussion about Magicians and welcome all my Mod Rod casting companions, and others (I am looking at you enchanters) who have grouped with them some. My main concern is DPS on a mage and a few other things. This is not a QQ post about mages being bad dps like beastlords...
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    Troubles with Right-click mouse button

    Dev-Slaar suggested I post on the forums to get some help with this. The problem is that when I right-click the mouse button and hold it down, the cursor seems like it is being repeatedly clicked. When I the move the cursor over a player, mob, or corpse (to change which way the character...
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