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    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    I brought it up in one of the sod discord channels and hopefully it was noticed. At level 65 you can only get 25% of an AA at most from a single kill. The larger chunks of exp you get for any reason gets wasted beyond the 25%.
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    Tradeskill & Misc. Feedback - Featuring Emzur & Enderi (Ongoing)

    I want to use this unique opportunity to evaluate the first seasons event and see to what extent the experience for the seasonal tradeskillers differed to that of a non-seasonal one. I will also refrain from repeating what has already been mentioned – I am in agreement with most of it. It took...
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    Current Bug List

    Dev Trainee Fixious started this thread and it was promising. Can we resurrect an updated version of this and get a volunteer staff from current or a future recruit who will be in charge of this list. The idea is that players can add bugs they encounter here and other players can vote on which...
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    Tinkering - The Pressing Times

    Have you guys given any consideration to reversing the consumable oil presses? I spent the better part of a year /auctioning for mats and when I actually skilled up I had less than a stack of some of the crucial items needed for progressing. The drop rates on some of the components are so low...
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    Something broke with your Launcher?

    If you are in game and it is not responsive: Don't quote exactly but there is a window that tells you to "/cm I accept the rules" type deal to unfreeze your toons. It has recently given trouble to other new comers as well. Can we just remove it especially when you can't even move the pop up...
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    Thank you, the quest is fresh and enjoyable!
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    I just finished it. Perhaps it's her underlying nature or a BUG but she actually wants and takes 5k plat to satisfy the heist. Never trust a thief. Bumped in to this by accident as I was also trying unsuccessfully to hand in the items. I went back to the bank and changed the plat to gold and...
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    My druid is just dubious to them, not kos. I did this quest probably back when there wasn't much wiki documentation or there might not have been a wiki at all. I wasn't aware of the spell until much later or I would have bought it before moving past this weird faction/spell relationship.
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    It's that time again, can this be looked in to? Please, with cherry on top.
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    Adepts released Saturday evening (9-15-2018)

    You mean the excuse that was used to make it all seem like he's some nefarious sod corruption hell bent on destroying the server? No one has defended his use of a bug mechanic, not that I have seen. The punishment should fit the crime and he was jailed for it. The only information I have about...
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    Adepts released Saturday evening (9-15-2018)

    I think he's referring to the "inside connections to staff" and "subverting a dev" bit but who knows, it's Binsin after all. And Speckly's a beastlord to boot, things aren't looking too good.
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    Rule 11

    No horse in the race and limited information as well^. If you were around to see the in-game mess the past few months we are trying to discuss you might have more doubt. All we are asking for is more transparency. At least one staff member who has quit thought there was too much policing and...
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    Juggernaut's Rage

    Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.
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    Juggernaut's Rage

    Rymy, do you mean a complete change to the 3rd warrior tome or the same tanking vs dps utility but reworked?
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    Dissonatatus, Bladedancer's Enmity

    The random fading you are observing has to do with the server ticks. Druid hots suffer from this plague. You can see hots disappear anywhere from 6s to 12secs left.
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    Fomelo not updating AA's

    Hello there, It is a known problem. It has existed since the 2.5 migration. The dev team has been busy with other projects so this one will be taken care of some time in the future.
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    End Game Options

    Read this thread a while ago when it was made but I forget if it was mentioned. Might it help to put the mob summoning on a cool down so they aren't doing it as often? Even tanks that want to reposition have a hard time if they are wanting to get to a certain spot because the mob just yanks you...
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    New AA: Suspended Animation

    Yes, very well aware the missing gear is a bug. I was just explaining what transpired and to give a comparison between Daenar's post and how different pieces of gear are missing instead of the same slots. Btw Paxit, glad to see your tome count go higher with those neat useful books. I honestly...
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    New AA: Suspended Animation

    I was finally able to get this AA and sadly confirmed what has been brought up. I was hoping it was just unintentional but after using the Suspend AA you get a message in red saying you already have a pet and can't summon another. The fully geared pet was then revived and all of its gear except...
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    New AA: Suspended Animation

    I have not gotten this AA yet. Paxit if that was intended and you cannot summon another pet to dps with...I agree.
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