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    Glex's feedback

    yea haha, that would be great, buff up the map or nerf harder maps. that way they can still be interesting for top end raiders? and lightly toned down for lower tiers. Or even buff up low end maps with aug for more plat/experience besides loot.
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    Glex's feedback

    hey man awkward reply I suppose. I joined late. Also we were killing entrance mobs, must have just been unlucky. I don't think they should be gated. It's a BOUNTY... bounty should be open to everyone it's kind of silly for them to limit it. Maybe just have consecutive bounty completions reward...
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    Glex's feedback

    Woah 2009 to 2021 back again. Been playing seasonal and I did get hooked again. there was a few wars and did some raiding. I spent far too long in one zone getting from 40-60 overgrowth. I was a month late in joining but I did my best to rush up and catch up to my friends. so I was behind the...
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    Yea I do remember you playing your halfling druid right. Im Glex was healer lol. Yea raiding...

    Yea I do remember you playing your halfling druid right. Im Glex was healer lol. Yea raiding with Zekulan was fun.
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    Hey so, Everquest did server resets and tier locked progression servers. The same could be done here, unlocking a raid tier every 2 months. this way hardcore players can still progress, getting plat for plat charm and other main quests. I enjoyed shards a ton, I respect that players still play...
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    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    Aribu was pretty hardcore, he was in and out of jail, but on his free time he pugged the shit out of thaz and got shit done, forcing that place to shut down cause it was too much of a loot pinata for us low tier plebs.
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    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    Have a funny story about chaotic winds. You guys had a monk named Arkibu. He was super hardcore and formed up pug raids all the time. This was when I was in a casual guild. You can guess what we ended up raiding. (this was before kunark and when thaz was a loot pinata) We went to thaz! We pug...
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    Main character not on Character select, also can't log in.

    Hello been a while but trying to play. My old Character Glex is not on my character select, I did an in game petition and shortly after I lost connection to world/servers. He is on fomelo just not on char screen.
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    What things would you like to see in a new zone?

    A jumping map, or a map not about killing monsters, but getting to the next area with the use of spells. Levitation gaps, Speed hallways that require insane move speed, Invis, resist traps, see invis. A permanent illusion potion, race change so you could be one of a few different available...
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    Add lower level challenges and server reset?

    Funny how a suggestion brings people to swearing, it is difficult to discuss a topic with proper insight and consideration instead of resorting yourself to a lower level intelligence.
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    Add lower level challenges and server reset?

    Look at it this way, if a new player wanted back into the game, starting fresh, he becomes max level and is fresh into raiding. He has nothing, no gear and what will eventually happen is he will get account info to double box a very high geared character. Now, is he even still playing his main...
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    Add lower level challenges and server reset?

    I really enjoyed playing Shards, I feel bad because I spent a bit of money on the Everquest progression servers when my best experience was actually shards. So I have a few suggestions, my favorite times were leveling up and trying the new unique zones like undead kaladim and raiding was great...
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    Everquest progression servers (My Experience)

    This is just a post about my experience on the Everquest Live progression servers. So I played a shaman on Lockjaw, grinded hard, leveled up. Raided everything, got super sick gear. In the first 2 months of playing. Being it was very very classic. There were no AOE buffs so you had to...
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    65 Gleric: Glex LFGuild

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a guild. I'm a solid healer and I have a year worth of raiding experience. I'm looking for a serious guild trying to reach endgame content. I dont mind being a secondary cleric or even third. I can box another healer very well if needed. I am preferably...
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    Wing Flags... Rules Please

    Alright, so there are rules on the Wiki and there are rules on the forum. Could we have a main source of rules? Also I noticed the Flag Rules on the Wiki but is there any on the Forums?
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    Wing Flags... Rules Please

    Great thank you, didnt realize it was on another website.
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    Wing Flags... Rules Please

    Mind giving me a source of this in the rules?
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    Wing Flags... Rules Please

    This is not a flame or rage post. Did a Pick up Raid on TOT last night with TU I heard them mention that you need 2/3 of your raid force flagged for Ferdolen only if it is contested by another guild. when this rule is mostly enforced to give the guild with the flagging the right away because...
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    General Information ( From Wiz)

    Only 30FT cap = pointless buffs Why is there a spell cap to Flowing thought? FT Spell cap=30 JB- 18ft Won-8ft SiritualB-8ft =34ft Cleric Relic bulwark buff=8ft so that is a total of 42 flowing thought. only 30 of it actually works. what is the point of FT buffs?
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    Athica 2.0

    yea, been workin hard to fix it up. thrown a few metal dragons in there, kinda took the idea from steamfont. but meh. its a work in progress ya know? lol jk
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