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    Covid return

    Left game behind several years ago. Been in COVID isolation for the last 4 weeks. I decided to check this out again. Just wanted to say the changes in my absence have been great. Knights are in great shape, Opus solution is great, and the requiem zones are pretty neat. Probably hooked again.
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    Did I see some knight changes incoming? Int casters updated, bounty hunting updated... Damn if knights got a touch up I may start loggin back in.
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    This is dead

    This game is a waste of great coding. How does it feel to know the current staff took an old as fuck engine, invigorated with unique content from its OG dev staff, , and just rammed that shit into the ground. Good job.
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    2.5 Bug thread

    I wanted to start playing around on 2.5 a bit. Very short list thus far of bugs. Patched using new patcher, everything was good. Toons look naked on char select screen Athica / NewPort/Thurgadin were all down, so testing was me running around in Ruins of First city for about 2 minutes on a...
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    If anyone around that I used to play with wants Enderi / Garann send me a PM for info. Thanks to old Resurgum, and Prophecy for keepin me playin as long as i did. Fun times.
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    Buying Blindfold Of Visions

    In title, tells to Enderi.
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    Fantasy Patch Notes

    Because of all the hard work in pushing for 2.5, and the addition of SoD to the main EQemu login screen, many changes are being conducted in the following weeks to improve quality of life on SoD. The goal of these changes is to improve the overall satisfaction of existing players, and to assist...
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    Hidden Strength

    Are there are details out there about what % of mitigation is gained from over cap stamina? Currently have Hidden strength 2 filled, so sitting at 365. Maybe per 1 point of stamina would be too small of a number to consider, but if we could get a ballpark of % of mitigation gained for every 30...
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    WTB - Higher end melee stuff

    WTB - Preserved Ikildian trinket Shroud of the battlemaster Send a tel lin game, or drop a message here, and I will get back to you ASAP
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    65 Paladin

    Name : Enderi Basics are 260ish AA, 1600ac 6100 HP. Looking to join a raiding guild, more active the better. Available Mon-Sun 5pm to 1AM EST. Probably as an off tank at first, and hopefully someday grow into an MT Raided a bit on SoD, wearing a few peices of raid obtained gear, but most of...
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    WTS : Type 2 augs

    5ac 15mana 30hp 15sv FR/CR/MR/DR/PR All on listsold Bordin, 200 each. While supplies last. Not farming this stuff anymore
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    WTB: Ecto / Lava Dust / Fire Water

    WTB: Lava Dust, Essence of Fire Lava Dust : 1500 per stack. Essence of Fire. 160pp per stack. /cm listsend Bordin Updated with needs
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    Cleric - 65 - LF Guild

    Bordin Cleric - 65 AA: 35 MQ - Up to HUC Newly 65, been grinding AA and Tmap loot. Looking to join an active raid guild. Playtimes can vary by a lot, but duration does not. I play for about 15 hours a week. Playtime can be anytime on the weekends unless RL plans, and weeknights...
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    Buying Liodreth Malts, 5plat each

    Title says it all. /Listsend to Karvek. Need hundreds of them
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    Mithril armor - weapons - augs

    Very quickly skilling up blacksmithing. Should have a good stock of obsidian and ghostmetal within the next day or two. In the meantime... Selling mithril weapons, mithril chainmail, platemail and +3 stat and +3AC type 2 augs. Spread across several vendors. Aalphab - Augs Aalphac -...
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    53 War / 53 Cleric LFG

    Kardin and Bordin are in the market for a guild. Went from Dalaya's Beginners, to Iron Monkey Tribe which merged over to <SCORN> so now I am guildless. 53 Warrior ( Pottery/Brewing/Smithing/Mining ) 53 Cleric ( Mining ) Currently use brewing and pottery to do my own smithing sub combines. Both...
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    Mining - Obsidian Ore

    So I have been in Obsidian Shard mountains now for about 2 hours mining various peaks. Mining is 220, and have yet to find a single obsidian ore. Is the trivial listed wrong on the wiki ( 212 ) or am I looking in the wrong spots? Is there a specific spot? I certainly hope so, cause 2 hours of...
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    Chain/Plate armor problem

    Just skip to the bottom for my point of this lengthy cut/paste. Mithril Platemail Boots MAGIC ITEM Slot: FEET AC: 13 STR: +2 AGI: +3 WT: 6.1 Size: SMALL Class: WAR CLR PAL SHD BRD Race: ALL Obsidian Chainmail Boots MAGIC ITEM Slot: FEET AC: 12 DEX: +4 AGI: +4 HP: +5 WT: 2.7 Size: SMALL Class...
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    Buying - Silver Ore - 4p

    Paying 4plat per stack of Silver Ore. Need about 20 stacks. /cm listsend Karvek Will be offline until 10PM EST. Will pick up merchandise today.
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    Duplicate name. Strange coincidence.

    Wondering if it would be possible from a dev to check on the status of two character names. Possibly they were created by me a while back and forgot about the account, or created by someone else on a long forgotten account. I had plans to create a dwarven box named Loganil and Grunlor. As far...
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