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  1. Olive

    Windstone Feedback

    All trash should now have loot, which was not the case on initial release. It might get another bump in vendor price or quantity, but for now, at least everything has loot. Some things are still up in the air with what will drop from trash, so please keep in mind this is not the final version of...
  2. Olive

    New/old Elemental Graphics

    These elementals look good enough to go in the game, but I ran into some trouble when testing them. Specifically, the long 'tails' which were first seen in this post by Grinkles do not appear on pets. I think the tail is key to this look! If you illusion a player it works, but only for the male...
  3. Olive

    2.5 Status - 11/28/13

    Secrets, you're the best! The team for 2.5 is just a few people, and they are just amazing. This is a really major update, and all the work they have done working out the new client is huge. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!
  4. Olive

    New Newbie Quest Bug Thread!

    Make sure the items are unstacked, and you are using the "Abrasive Sand" that is for sale in the warrior guild. I am not sure why this isn't working for you, but let us know more!
  5. Olive

    New Newbie Quest Bug Thread!

    Thanks for the feedback on these Halas quests! The introduction quest used to require leopard pelts, and I changed it to rabbit pelts but I guess I forgot to increase the drop rate. Future generations should see a much higher drop rate on these pelts. I fixed all of the spelling errors but was...
  6. Olive

    Mansion of Portals Information

    Tierilo, the reason I didn't give you fame was because that video is two years old. There is no good way for me to confirm you were not already awarded fame. I did give you credit in the post! If anyone would like to make an updated video, explaining the new rules and features of the MoP I...
  7. Olive

    Mansion of Portals Information

    The Mansion of Portals, or MoP, is one of the main ways that people get around in Shards of Dalaya. It connects most cities and some other areas to one another via portals. It was changed earlier this year to be easier to navigate at low levels, in order to allow people to learn the zone. For...
  8. Olive

    Spirit of the Vah Shir stacking issue

    Most illusions with a proc have it on slot 2, unless it is a short duration illusion and then it uses slot 12. I am unsure why the Air Illusion AA doesn't follow this convention but it was probably an attempt to avoid stacking issues. My solution is to change this spell to be consistent with...
  9. Olive

    ACCOUNT DRIVE 2013! Read me!

    This was changed on purpose! But never fear, it will return (hopefully next patch). I thought it was going to go in today, but we ended up needing to revert it. We are careful not to overwriting things in spells_us.txt. And overwriting the spell would have broken the item, not removed the...
  10. Olive

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    It appears that the King of Ak'anon has finally found a home for himself here in SoD. Hopefully someone enjoyed that! I am excited we were able to use some of the ideas from this thread in the game (and give some fame). Unfortunately, there is no way to add new textures, we must replace existing...
  11. Olive

    Riposte change

    This post is long, but I wanted to partially explain the intentions of the Dev-Team and also a new direction we are planning for this change. So, I apologize for the huge effort post and I hope at least a few people will find this information helpful. I understand this is upsetting, but it is a...
  12. Olive

    ACCOUNT DRIVE 2013! Read me!

    Grinkles those textures are really fun! I will make sure to mention it to the items' creator before they go in. Undead apes and mammoths do change the theme of the item. However, if it is possible, I do not see why the angry halflings and pissed gnomes shouldn't have armor tint and weapons. The...
  13. Olive

    Grink's Long List of Placeholder Tome Ideas

    Yes, the intention is to fill out the placeholder tomes with actual tomes for the other classes. Priority was given to the classes with two missing tomes. Now that there are at most a single placeholder we will try to get tomes for everyone. After that we will try to evaluate 'bad' or 'broken'...
  14. Olive

    talk of new class tomes?

    Yes, the intention is to fill out the placeholder tomes with actual tomes for the other classes. Priority was given to the classes with two missing tomes. Now that there are at most a single placeholder we will try to get tomes for everyone. After that we will try to look at 'bad' or 'broken'...
  15. Olive

    Hello !

    When you registered you did not create a game account at the same time? Usually that is how it works. No one except staff will ever see your account name unless you give it out to them. They will only see your character names in game. So if you want a character name to match this forum name you...
  16. Olive

    War/Dru Changes

    The warrior changes are great, and with the recent changes to aggro generation I hope that the paladins are feeling some love as well. It is a tough road to gear up any new tank but it can be done! Anyone who wants to roll a tank should really consider it. You might not make it to the top five...
  17. Olive


    But what did you think of the new ~Clockwork~ model? (brought to us by Woldo and Grinkles)
  18. Olive

    ACCOUNT DRIVE 2013! Read me!

    You win We have winners!! If you have not yet received your prize you may petition to claim it! Please do not petition for the swarm pets prizes. Those will be given out after the patch using listsend. Just wait and it will arrive in the mail in just a couple of days. The winners for the...
  19. Olive


    Someone get Jumbers in here. Torleran / Adalus!
  20. Olive

    Endsong Commands

    This command is probably not possible, it would be a ton of effort for minimal gain. However, there is good news! The current system already supports what you want to do. There is a key thing you are missing about bard songs and the melody system. While you are limited to two beneficial songs...
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