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  1. gtoo

    Buying healing tomes

    Buying any and all healing tomes paying more than anyone else
  2. gtoo

    Hoarfrost (SK 3rd Vah sword)

    Hoarfrost - [MAGIC ITEM] [LORE ITEM] [NO DROP] Slot: PRIMARY Skill: 1H Slash Atk Delay: 20 DMG: 16 AC: 13 Cold DMG: 2 Focus Effect: Healing Increment VI Effect: Ice Spear (Combat, 0.0) Skill Mod: Block +5% STR: +13 STA: +7 AGI: +12 INT: +10 CHA: +10 HP: +155 MANA: +185 MR: +20 FR: +5 Damage...
  3. gtoo

    Terrible Graphic Bug

    In zones where there are giant moving things, such as thaz (thaz 1 and 2) and cmal (with the spinning ring tubes), something is horribly wrong. It's hard to describe but in thaz, the spinning star sphere will break into pieces and PLUNGE INTO THE PLATFORM constantly making it near impossible to...
  4. gtoo


    The proc on Jhald is almost entirely useless. Majesty of the Djar does not stack with the cleric self buff line, the druid bladecoat line, (on items used by tanks aka: paladins who use this BP), the enchanter illusion plate line, or the shaman ancient slumber. There may be more, but almost...
  5. gtoo


    So i've been playing a bit lately and today I was duoing a tmap in storm sea with my beastlord. Long story short, the tmap was bugged somehow, one wave was underground or something, and the chest never appeared, when it should have appeared, one of my bags poofed along with the items inside it...
  6. gtoo

    Cleric Thaz BP

    This post is to offer a forum for discussion of cleric upgraded thaz armor, and especially the breastplate. It is not a terrible item by any means, but as you can see, it is seriously lacking compared to the other thaz upgraded bp's. Almost every other upgraded thaz bp has an Effect (such as...
  7. gtoo

    My patcher is pretty sweet...

    ...except that it doesn't like to patch. It used to patch, and I am current up to about last summer, but now when I need to patch, such as yesterday, it will appear to get the files, but in game I still see giant humans and unknown spells everywhere. I tried deleting the files.txt and...
  8. gtoo


    Couldn't find the other thread so... Would you be able to put AC in the same line as you have Mana and HP, where it says base, from aa's, from augs, from gear, etc. I think that AC would fit in with these other two stats here.
  9. gtoo

    Mobs missing an insane ammount

    I have noticed that since the 2.0 patch, (might have been before I havent really played for a couple weeks prior to that) mobs who agro you and run up to hit you, will miss a ridiculous number of times in a row. It happened in Caverns last night but I figured I was just lucky or something, but...
  10. gtoo

    Ancient Treant Leaves, etc.

    Selling: Ancient Treant Leaves - 2k Giant Asp Skin - 2k -Gtoo
  11. gtoo


    I am at the point in the quest where I am supposed to seek out Freya the Blacksmith, who is to tell me where to find the hottest forge on Dalaya. I found her ok, but she doesn't respond to hails with any quest specific text, nor does she do anything if I offer her the corroded shield. I assumed...
  12. gtoo


    He doesn't respond to his Sunbane prompt. I am ally and not invis.
  13. gtoo

    Treasure Maps

    We seem to have the problem of tmap mobs spawning under the world a lot. Im not sure what causes this but it seems to only happen when the map is on a hill or on uneven ground etc. Im suggesting that the placement of tmaps be changed to all level ground spots to try and avoid this. Thanks
  14. gtoo

    Mielech's Lair

    What live zone is it? Zoned my sk into it and said I didn't have it. What do I have to patch to get it? Thanks
  15. gtoo


    I would kill for old school Plane of Mischief with all the quests and stuff before they ruined it on that is what made me quit...honestly this would be the coolest thing ever
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