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    A Fresh Look at Gruplok Faction and the Murk

    A number of years ago, I made a post about making the gruplok town a real city - there was a lot of hay made about how the gruploks are supposed to be pathetic, they are always under the watcful eye of Kaezul's legions, and there is no reason for them to have anything good going for them. It has...
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    LOIO QOL and Tweaks Suggestions

    Since we decided to visit adding R1 pieces to the LOIO fort, I would propose the following additional minor QOL tweaks. These were derived after going through the questlines on 3 different toons to various stages of completion. These should NOT significantly affect balance or flavor of the zone...
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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    Wanted to start a thread to get the feedback rolling on the state of Enchanter class changes. Dedicated thread to keep things out of the patch notes and hopefully get this pulled into a balancing discussion. Will get the ball rolling with my thoughts on each of the points from the original patch...
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    Enc thinking of coming back, but would need a guild

    Hey all, Alarcon here. The last I played was right around the time of the mass exodus in the months after 2.5 was released. I am looking to potentially come back, see the new content and start raiding again. From what I have seen, most of the issues have been resolved, there are a lot of cool...
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    WTS Shield of Freeport

    WTS Shield of Freeport - make an offer. No idea what the current market is. Hit me up here or in game on Alarcon.
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    Current Development Status/Needs?

    Since the launch of 2.5, we have seen great strides in the squashing of bugs. However, we have not had a lot of talk concerning the direction of development priorities for once this is finished. It has been one month since the big frontpage update, and while that was fantastic, there has not...
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    The Rebirth (Vanilla WoW) - Anyone Play?

    Thinking of starting up on this server and was wondering if anyone had experience there. It's a legit server, boxing allowed, but no hacking, macros, botting, or free money. 1x exp and faction gain. I'll probably never quit SoD, but right now things are a little slow in the raiding scene. If...
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    Can we get a WAR event?

    Just as the title sounds. Assuming the script works with the new client, I think this would be a great time for a War Event. With all of new people around, this would be an excellent way to gear up some newbies and introduce people to the lore of the server. However, with that being said, I...
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    WTB Third Enchanter Tome II

    Rank 2 of the Third Enchanter Tome... hit me up if it's rotting in your bank and you're willing to sell at a reasonable price.
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    Can we get another Dev Q&A?

    Just as the title sounds. A little less than a year ago, the devs did a public chat to talk about what the current development priorities of the game were. At the time, beastlord changes were in full swing, 2.5 development was starting to spin up again, and a lot of little things were being...
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    WTB Magic Mastery II, WTS Splitting Arrow II

    Splitting Arrow II sold! Got a Magic 2 - thx guys! *This is done. Mods feel free to delete*
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    Amnesty for Past Bans with 2.5? Discuss pros/cons...

    Just a thought here - and as a means of potentially getting old players back into the game, post 2.5, alot of people have been throwing around the idea of unbanning people. While I don't like the idea of unbanning recent or repeat offenders, I think it might be worth considering lifting some...
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    Fame Item Suggestion [Box of Angry Devs]

    I realize this is super low priority, but I think it's too funny to forget about.... I'm proposing a new swarm pet item, but with a twist... this box would summon miniature avatars of past and present SOD staff... each with their own signature look (think Slaariel with the Firiona Vie)...
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    *FIX* Missing, Hotbuttons, Spellsets, and Friendlists

    This is simply a case of renamed *.ini files. Simply copy the files from your 2.0 folder CharacterName_.ini to the 2.5 folder and append sod to the end. Oldfile: Alarcon_.ini Newfile: Alarcon_sod.ini I hope this saves people the time of fixing this stuff by hand!
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    Bracelet of Cunning Manipulation Proc Question

    I realize that this is a few years post-nerf, but I am curious as to why the proc on the enchanter class bracer was changed from Tashanian (-41 MR) to Tashani (-22 MR). I presume this was because Tashanian was seen as too powerful, but I don't ever recall there having been a discussion about...
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    Tiered Refuge Token System Proposal

    The problem of tome progression as one moves into end-game content is an oft-discussed topic on these forums and one which has no easy solution. One of the most frequently discussed options is a trade in system of some sort. Thinking about this, I realized that there is already a proxy of this...
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    How to catch a gopher

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    WTB Tome of the Mind 2

    PM me or hit me up in game on Alarcon. Also looking for (Fire 2, Magic 2) - if you're willing to unload for cheap...
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    Make the Murk Town a Real City

    Every time I go through the murk, I am shocked that despite its size and number of quests, the Gruplok murk town has nothing to convince you it's actually a functioning city. There are very few vendors, no guilds, no bank, and nothing to indicate any interaction with anything outside of town. I...
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    Bad Item Sockets

    Hi all. Earlier tonight I noticed that several items are socketed to receive an augment, even though they are neither equippable, nor actually able to be augmented. The items in question are the Shir Standard and Red Velvet Cake. I know I have seen items like this in the past, so let's take the...
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