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  1. Renshu

    Hail, an elephant

    So before myself or others would consider coming back, the elephant in the room needs to be discussed. I wasn't around for 2.5, but there is a certain narrative out there: Population had gone down considerably Devs pressed for 2.5 to get on emu 2.5 launched and was a train wreck Population...
  2. Renshu

    Ethereal Shards Guild

    We have moved to EQ Phinigel Server Time Locked Progression - currently on Luclin. We are recruiting. Most members are 30-50 right now. We are working on leveling, then plan to do progression raiding. All raiding on this server is instanced. Please apply here...
  3. Renshu


    Hey everyone. I haven't logged into the game or forum for years, and have been being very unproductive today getting caught up a bit. I'm a little shocked by what I'm reading about the community dwindling. Anyone from Ethereal still around?
  4. Renshu


    I have a few items and spells for sale. They are on listsold ZAAD: I am also buying some things Tome of the swift II, tome of Striking II, Magic resist tome, avoidance/mitigation tomes
  5. Renshu

    WTB Ikisith tomes!!!

    Looking for resist tomes, avoidance, mitigation, monk type tomes. I'm almost done with tome 5, am max aa sans int/wis, so HOOK IT UP Also, selling overbearing shroud thingie on listsold too. Holla at me here or in game.
  6. Renshu


    Any way this mob can be fixed? If the captives get the kill shot, the mob makes no corpse, and you get no loot. So with no corpse you have to prove that you killed the mob, somehow prove how many captives were alive, etc. It has a special loot table and not all the GMs know how to...
  7. Renshu


    Ethereal is an PST, tier 10, hardcore, raiding guild. Our forum can be found HERE (click here) Here is the shit we have killed: CLICK IT! We raid hard and we raid often. We raid 5-7 days per week. Sometimes, we raid for very long durations (sometimes 12+hours). Our current goal is to kill...
  8. Renshu

    Ethereal Spell Vendors

    We have the following spell vendors (Click on Vendor's name for a webportal listing of current spells): Dogra - Various lvl 65 and rare spells. Dograb - Bard, Beastlord, and Cleric spells. Dograc - Druid, Mage, and Enchanter spells. Dograd - Necro, Paladin, and Ranger spells. Dograe -...
  9. Renshu

    Forum Sigs by Renshu

    I make forum sigs. I can do screenshots or w/e but I like to be a lot more creative. Also, I don't draw. Sigs cost 1,000PP X your Guild's raid tier. Min charge = 3K Here are some examples: I also made Manguadi's sig.
  10. Renshu

    Guild Tank List

    I'd like to compile a list of toons that guilds are using to tank mobs in the raid game. The list will be alphabetical by guild and will provide a fomelo link to the tank. Please reply to the thread with the name of your tank and I will update the original post. One tank per guild, please...
  11. Renshu

    Listsold Zaad

    I have the following things for sale on Zaad: Nazdrich Bone Pauldrons - 4.5K Infectious Vambraces - 3K Butchers Apron - 900 Malignant War Mace - 950 Vile Femur - 500 Damask Leather Sleeves - 500 Cloak of Winter - 300 Jar of Preservation - 500 Green Slime Blood (Shaman Mask Quest) - 250 I have...
  12. Renshu


    Ethereal is an EST raiding guild and we are currently raiding tier 7/8 content. Our forum can be found HERE (click me) Current needs:Wizard - High Necromancer - Low We are looking for the following in a new applicant: Level 65 with a strong desire to progress your character through AA...
  13. Renshu

    Triggered Raids

    Here is a crazy, elaborate idea I came up with after reading all of the threads about raid timers. Basically, guilds could be able to do a quest that would trigger a raid. Here is an example: This triggered raid would involve the Dragons of Dalaya and their 'curse'. A quest would start...
  14. Renshu

    Ancient: Slumber of the Beast

    I see this spell as an upgrade to torpor. Torpor stacks with AC buffs like illusionary plate and spikecoat. Ancient: Slumber of the Beast does not. Can this can be fixed?
  15. Renshu


    WTB - Chestplate of the Warlord or Glimmering oil polished BP or similar twink item for paladin. WTS - Various Crap including Focus of Soul - Listsold zaad
  16. Renshu

    Low LvL group buffs

    I did a search and found some thread on this but there was no staff feedback. Id like to suggest that more lower lvl group buffs be implemented. On my alt cleric (lvl 24), its a real PITA to keep everyone buffed. It seems that the first cleric group HP buff, heroic bond, is lvl 51. When...
  17. Renshu

    WTB violet ointments / Imphides

    I'm looking for 2 violet ointments and 3 imphides. PM me here or ingame please.
  18. Renshu

    Newport Ring 5 bugged?

    Had a problem with the Newport ring 5 and was unable to finish the quest with one character. I used the vial, on the worshipers, killed the next spawning mobs, and hailed the cleansed worshipers. I repeated this several times, but the named mob never spawned. I can still use the vial, but it...
  19. Renshu

    Vonage Routers - Bad Idea?

    Does anyone play the game with a router that supports Vonage phone service? I two box and previously had a problem with a cable modem/router combo (Netgear cable wireless gateway). It would cause me to go link dead about once per hour on both computers. Switching to a normal cable modem with a...
  20. Renshu

    Sorcs = The suck

    Sorcerer's Labyrinth is so flawed, its not even funny. For three nights my friend and I have been trying to get the thurg drops for his bard. Every night, some tier 5 65 is farming most of the zone. Could the furs be made to only drop off of the higher lvl mobs? Nobody can exp here, its always...
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