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    Armor Drops - Recommendation

    Add the armors to thurgadin bounty rewards. They are the third faction in that war so they should have some insight about the armor molds.
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    If some dev could/would look into about fixing this. Tia.
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    Shaman revamp.

    Add shaman to Spell:Circle of Recovery ? and also lower the casting time.
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    By dropp rate increase you mean from not dropping at all for 2-3 years to dropp 3 times in 3 months?
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    Range on Throwing items.

    Are we talking about african or european horses?
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    Damage over Time idea.

    If you dont like to play a necro then play a class you enjoy.
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    Kiang/MIng/Dyfy Memory Lane

    You where in Phoenix Rising year 2005
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    Seven Virtues

    Still recruiting most classes atm.
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    Thinking of playing again

    Was kades snp faction ever restored or is he still kos?
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    Hit us up at normal raid time we start raiding normally 2 hrs and 45 mins from this time (earlier).

    Hit us up at normal raid time we start raiding normally 2 hrs and 45 mins from this time (earlier).
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    Seven Virtues

    Still looking for folks who play this game activly Healers: 1 more cleric wouldnt hurt . 1 shaman 1 druid DPS: Maybe one of each? Apply fast WIZ MAG BST RNG BARD If your class is not there, and you are exceptional (a lot of playtime, or well geared and play during the day) make an app anyway...
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    Maybe a final goodbye

    Good luck Nuchre your far to grumpy to loose
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    Necro AA idea.

    Quality bad idea with alot of bad arguments. Just like about 99% of your all posts in here.
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    /cm raiddestroy command

    Yesterdays raid was awsome cause no need to reform so often. Huge thanks to Rymy.
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    Guild name

    Why arent you in Steel
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    Seven Virtues (Euro)

    Could still use a few more ppl. Most range dps classes and of course allways another clr and maybe a sk. Oh and a monk.
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    Share a little-known "Did you know...?" fact!

    Yes . Did you know they have nerfed all items that where considered highest tier at that moment several times ?
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    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    arcibu is prolly the most asshole monk of the history of asshole monks of SoD
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    To Jyre or not to Jyre, that is my question.

    The anserw was to not jyre since he quit.
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    Let's talk about the future

    Ppl where scum/assholes in WR and early SoD days also your just not remembering it. Killing everything in a normal exp zone happened also with Ruin/Legacy they just had tier 5-6 gear while doing it.
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