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  1. Animand

    My Rogue Wish List/Suggestions

    There’s a class tome for increased Backstab damage. Having a chance to have those hit for effectively 20x at the start of a fight is just asking to get beatdown first without any aggro adjustments. Saving Escape for that would do the job, but that doesn’t help lower level groups. I worked a lot...
  2. Animand

    Thazeran, The Great Guardian (Four Tower) Kill Video

    Like he said, the ones halfway across the map. You know, not in the same raid of 18 players, who are probably just being botted to check Track.
  3. Animand

    Loot Associates

    Join the circlejerk. Looks like you’ve done that part already by posting here, though. Good job!
  4. Animand

    Dr. Richard Lazer

    Status: up.
  5. Animand

    Dr. Richard Lazer

    Did he... did he give it to you...?
  6. Animand

    Potential New Guild Name

    Brother Husbands
  7. Animand

    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    That typo “What’s Cole Working on [as of 4-8-29]” was too realistic. It hurt to read and believe.
  8. Animand

    Did someone call me?

    Did someone call me?
  9. Animand

    Attracting new players; keep them playing.

    Everyone here can see how you’re still dumb and have grudges. The fact that you’re still spreading stupidity is why you’re getting made fun of, not mess from years ago. It’s not that we’re angry or butthurt, but watching a kid who forgot his helmet yelling at normal kids who don’t need to wear...
  10. Animand

    Attracting new players; keep them playing.

    I see Gargate still posts a lot and thinks he’s not special needs, but I’m kinda shocked by the thought that any regular on these forums gives credence to anything he says. Who here actually cares about the content of his shitposting beyond easy pickings on the annoying kid. Heck, I struck up a...
  11. Animand

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    When I get off my butt and reformat my HD, I’ll probably try to scum into this for the relaxing XP if passing on split is good enough. I miss this place and need a reason to not go play FFXIV instead. Maybe I’ll convince Taru to join me to cover playing extra boxes for LA or GS raids for the...
  12. Animand


    Yes yes, we all remember Jontrann. More importantly, we all remember ***pounder who died for our sins.
  13. Animand

    Make Dalaya Great Again

    When Marza gets unleashed to do as he will to a virgin SoD server’s content, the dead shall rise from the graves, Chillville shitposting shall be born anew, and the McCoys will once again whine as their Hatfield better take the spawns they desire and paintbrush their dirty pleb faces with their...
  14. Animand

    Deathly Strane of Aes

    Seems like everyone’s figured that out already, mate. No worries about the rambling; we all enjoy a good (or even bad) shitpost every now and then. We’ll just let this one count and mosey along. God I miss Chillville. Y’all wanna bring that back to help drum up some interest and “community...
  15. Animand

    Introducing Zenn Malath, Home of the Froglok Monks

    Probably should be the title of a SoD Discussion Topic.
  16. Animand


    It’s not that interesting; it’s just that sentence copied over and over for 20 pages in Comic Sans. However, there’s a hidden message in it every week for the real secret infoz. Unfortunately, every week, the secret message is also just that sentence.
  17. Animand

    Wait, are you assuming their gender based on their character model, or are you properly using...

    Wait, are you assuming their gender based on their character model, or are you properly using the text-based gender identifier?
  18. Animand

    Alternate Everquest

    Yeah, there was EverQuest without drama. It was called Champions of Norrath.
  19. Animand

    Thazeran, The Great Guardian (Two Tower) Kill Video

    I remember attempts on VZ. It always seemed extra super impossible at the available character power level. Like, enough that it really shouldn’t even count as a progression target short of someone who knows the fight letting us know better. Maybe Marza had something cool hidden and it is/was...
  20. Animand


    Aye, nearly 10 years! Enjoy your "Get off my lawn" permissions.
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