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    Heyo, Aalaisia's [email protected]

    Yeah man, I'm now the only person in Dalaya's Beginners with Relic: JB. Spending a few hours in the game, I realize I need to get myself Iksith flagged, and soon.
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    Heyo, Aalaisia's [email protected]

    So, hi folks! I've played WOW (feel free to rag on it, I do quite often) for the past 2 years with my RL friends/family, and I really lack the desire to continue on in it. I've been talking to a buddy of mine about these foreign concepts like RvR, CC, death meaning something, non-gear...
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    My Suggestion about Non-Linear Progression Zones

    basically, this was my way of saying, "stfu, you whiney cuntsores bitching at woldo about content skipping". but instead of saying that, i said it rather confusingly. and lol, i already recieved negative rep hits for making the post.
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    My Suggestion about Non-Linear Progression Zones

    I just wanted to toss in2cp real quick. I think that zones which have non-linear progression are more interesting than completely linear. Inner Prison is interesting in that its quite possible to have a raid group that is well-equipped to deal with yashira, but unable to down deyranni. A ->...
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    The Dare Game MkII

    take some screenshots of you atleast trying, and put those up, along with some interesting text.
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    Quest-Based Alignment Changes

    adding brackets, bad. expounding on the nature of the task at hand, good.
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    how much hate per dmg?

    my SoD knowledge is NOT perfect, but my understanding of the mechanic which was/is in game/live was that each mob negative interaction, be it a taunt, a spell cast on it, a DD, a melee hit, would give some aggro, which is why spamming a low damage nuke would give more aggro than doing a similar...
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    Single Boxing

    no matter what class you choose, you may want to spend some time hitting up low-level farming for the mats used in higher level combines. Getting money for twinked damage makes soloing a disgusting amount easier. If you plan on playing any class that does weapon damage, finding a good weapon...
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    Clerics Vs Druids

    thus, answer to the question: no, druids and clerics are balanced
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    wiz fanboi thread

    Hi hi- I played SoD for about 2 years, and raided about 6 hours a night for about a year of that. I did every level of raiding/grouping from DN nameds to a few upper thaz bosses, and grouped in everywhere pre-emberflow. My RL buddies who moved away from me off to their colleges started up...
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    Best 2 box to be farming names?

    yes, but for a monk to be up to par with a warrior/sk/pally, he needs some FAT gear upgrades to be equal to a warrior/SK/Pally who has moderate gear upgrades. Aside from any of that, don't underestimate paladins. I 2boxed a pally/chanter for a LOT of highkeep and DN for xp/cash/dragon...
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    Game Wide SoD Voice Server

    is this incredibly easy? or is it amazingly minimal, serverside? i just don't see this as being a huge increase to the gaming experience, but thats coming from someone whos logged onto vent while gaming 24/7
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    read up on the original creation of the MoP. Travel is not instant and painless and easy, the way that it is when you use your friendly neighborhood wiz or druid, or your necks. The mansion is an unstable connection of nebulous links around the world... don't expect cheese and crackers.
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    Tapein's Discount Wares!

    also selling guild leadership at a "deep discount"?
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    enchanter + bst, good combo?

    amazing level 65 farming combo, n2great level 65 namedkill combo
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    Cleric AC

    is this a something we should be concerned about? yeah, its nice that a cleric can wear plate, but if they're gimping themselves by doing so, then they never would. From what I understand, part of the balance of clerics vs other healers is that they're able to take hits better due to AC and stuff.
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    New spells discussion thread.

    a self buff that decreases their tank stats, but increases the group's tank or DPS stats... maybe even just affects casting speed, but can be clicked off, thus, if tank dies, SK can still run in and save the day.
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    Two same loots on a named

    intended isn't really the issue if i understand it correctly. Whether its intended or not, the big people don't plan on changing it because its an underlying factor in how things work ATM, and they like how things work atm. vowels' problem is that the mob is cheating, not that you need two...
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    Please reconsider stuns in the rear...

    it is totally and completely logical, and makes an incredible amount of sense to me. but if the current non-logical thing that is happening is mantaining the balance that the staff wants... then i don't see changes immenent.
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    New spells discussion thread.

    not to be a naysayer, but I'm also kinda against these spells as a general rule. Necros being turned into mana batteries instead of doing DPS is a really slippery slope. no class enjoys having their dps role being replaced by becoming a battery.
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