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    Where raid zones start?

    Seems like its solved. Also should have been more than clear that if your being an objective outsider and not involved in the dispute that clearing to open the door should have constituted a claim. Next time a step back and look at it from a regular, neutral standpoint
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    Suggestions for Fixing Unnecessary Muflation

    The fact that content would sit untouched for months or years if fwf died does nothing to the health of the server. The loots only benefit your guild, which you yourself just said is extremely exclusive of all others. It matters none to the rest of the server if content they can't touch is...
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    Where raid zones start?

    I thought that was a claim. So long as the other 12 people are on the way. Correct me if im wrong please.
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    Three months later he incites a bigger riot than ringo ever did
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    Lucky Co'dair Claw

    If only he used his powers for good and not evil!
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    Item Deletion Idea

    He could set a deleting password like guest lock? But that's the whole idea of guest lock anyway.....
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    Fishing map rate changed?

    Tao! Math lesson stat!
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    Tiers 1-3 loot

    3 manned hunter of souls with ringo one night. He missed the emote. Was quite comical
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    Right of Way-

    Rari? Tell everyone to go read something? That'll be the day. Must be off your rocker.
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    Tiers 1-3 loot

    I think that's actually an extremely popular low tier place. Good loots for its tier, would be bad to take that away.
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    Tank / Cleric Two Box Question

    They're silly to not. Double monk is extremely efficient, easily the best dps to carry more than one of.
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    Tank / Cleric Two Box Question

    Monk/healer or bard/healer probably gives you the best chance to actually keep your melee character around once you get into guilds. Its better to be adamant about playing your melee rather than your healer and offer to box the healer in as an alt when needed. You'll gear both that way and...
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    Right of Way-

    I guarantee you if this petition came in while i was on duty id have a stop watch rolling for 30 minutes exactly before i teleported them all one by one to the middle of a pack of hungry baldakans
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    It actually looks like a terrible wow clone set in star wars. Zero excitement for this game.
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    Right of Way-

    The new rules you proposed about people getting 2 wipes or they can get kicked out screams entitled kid who wants their rightful loot. The reasoning might not have been rooted in that, but the way you laid out your vision of the rules did. I don't even know who you are so its not like its...
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    Right of Way-

    I didn't realize we were talking about straight blocking a zone for hours and hours. Misinterpretation on my part. That's a dick move that's also covered in the rules.
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    Right of Way-

    Hey there's an intelligent adult response. Congratulations on that one, way to show your maturity and keep a level head.
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    Right of Way-

    There is a perfectly good reason for why the rules are where they are. I don't know if you remember the old rules at all, but they led to literally nightly disputes between guilds. Saying this as a gm and not a player, it really makes it easier for everyone. These rules are clear cut. You / all...
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    Ancient/Relic Farming

    Id be able to bring either a mediocre paladin or a high end druid depending on need along with a cleric or a necro alt.
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    Unable to read text

    I know this is a mega old thread rez.... but I have this same problem. I have used a custom UI since the first day I started SoD, and I literally cannot play without it. The problem is, it is designed in 1280x1024, and will not display correct (windows strewn about in random places and whatnot)...
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