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  1. JDJersey

    Everything Blue in Valor B

    Man, that's one hell of a death. You really blue it in there.
  2. JDJersey

    Share a little-known "Did you know...?" fact!

    Did you know that using a parser is a good way to measure DPS and telling people you're parsing is a good way to increase group/raid DPS by 10%?
  3. JDJersey

    Codex of Power Revamp

    Did you read what I said? I don't think you did.
  4. JDJersey

    Codex of Power Revamp

    No, not time wasted. You've been enjoying the bonus since you finished it. You're not actually losing anything. You're out nothing. Honestly, if you had know this change was coming way back when you ground out those tomes, would you have just sat there on your thumb thinking "Well, I don't need...
  5. JDJersey

    Grp DB rename

    Banji's Benevolence, because I am a benevolent lord, after all.
  6. JDJersey


    <Pied Piper>
  7. JDJersey

    Food/drink containers

    I just always assumed that we keep them in hammer space.
  8. JDJersey

    Codex of Power Revamp

    In that case, in principal, I'm very much on board with this idea.
  9. JDJersey

    Codex of Power Revamp

    Just speaking as a rogue who, through most of the progression you've just described, was doing it only for gear, and even in this instance has yet to get an opus or class III: yeah gear is enough.
  10. JDJersey

    Codex of Power Revamp

    Is it possible to make an npc that acts like an exp bank? Or that at least holds your potions and you hail it to get some? I don't know about most, but I'm really short on bank space and bag space in general. I'm not going to have enough tomes on hand to put the exp right into, so even if I have...
  11. JDJersey

    Rogue and Bard Illusion Masks

    I still think this is a good idea. I don't really know what else to add, but it's been a while since anything was heard/said about this.
  12. JDJersey

    Elab Chests

    This solves or at least mitigates the big problem with making them spawn. Even when I was in PR and we were hitting ToT hard, it was always a mixed thing to pop a smaller chest, knowing that other guilds were going to have raid forces to pop elabs before we'd be back. This gives a direct...
  13. JDJersey

    Clyyde Cash Jim Jones Jeezy

    I thought it had to do with a penchant for sleeping for short periods of time throughout the day.
  14. JDJersey

    Rogues need help.

    Let me preface this with the fact that I enjoy playing a rogue and will continue to play rogue because other classes have stabber envy. That being said: The problem with rogues is that they have these two issues that really both can't work together. 1. Just terrible at tanking to the point...
  15. JDJersey

    Fame generation

    Banjimen of Ubiquitous Awesomeness.
  16. JDJersey

    Zoning into Emberflow

    Have you tried hide/sneak? It works for me every time.
  17. JDJersey

    Rogue and Bard Illusion Masks

    So yeah, still pretty sure this would be a sweet idea.
  18. JDJersey

    Tome of Magic Resist II

    Modified to add tomes.
  19. JDJersey

    Tome of Magic Resist II

    Looking to buy the following tomes: Magic Resist II Periphery Dodging II Sinister Revenge II Or just tomes, 1800 each. Just listsend the junk tomes to me any time if I'm not online.
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