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    Cmal 4.1 / 4.2 looting rights and flags clarification.

    I'm pretty sure that there is only one way you can get the loot off these encounters now, and that being you have to be one of the 6 people that down it.
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    I know, thank god.
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    Backstab regarding Haste/Slow

    Honestly I don't want to see giantkin become more potent when it is casted on a rogue, because like it has been said countless times in this thread that is not increasing rogue dps just increasing the enchanters dps. And although that would help overall raid dps its just a unnecessary change I...
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    Ranger thaz pants

    I figure it might as well be said that the Rogue Thaz bracer has a similar problem I believe, or that it did the last time I tried which wasn't more then a few weeks ago.
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    Burning War Drum

    Like pretty much all instruments, it is a very situational item and its uses have already been mentioned in this thread. But it also follows suit with other instruments too in that it is usually not worth using. Considering that has been the case for awhile now I don't see why this drum would be...
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    Ranger Thaz Legs

    Ngl, you must have Arraz's fomelo as your homepage or something. But ya I'm pretty sure this proves there is a upgrade to haste that is even better then Thaz pants that is ranger usable, but I don't see why this helm justifies a oversight on ranger/beastlord 45% haste.
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    Ahh, this explains a few things I guess
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    Bard armor augments

    Honestly this same subject keeps popping up all over the place, and it really is pretty much the same thing every time. Most people claim that AC augs are like some divine power that bards must use otherwise they suck, which is not true at all. AC augs vs HP augs is really a preference choice...
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    SLAM DUNKED ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    CMal 3 Warrior Gloves

    That is not the only quicker cast time item in the game by the way, but ya I would agree that if it were it would be pretty ridiculous.
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    CMal 3 Warrior Gloves

    I would agree that the gloves are pretty useless in their current state now but to be honest, I don't really believe that the gloves should be made into a must have item again. Not to mention that the fact you have to equip them to use them makes them pretty undesirable to use once you pick up...
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    Anyone know any lawful or good alignment quests?

    Theres also one the Voleen's Bakery (South Newport) where she asks you to retrieve some piranhas. You should be able to increase your GOOD alignment doing this.
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    Recent changes to Thaz gear..long post

    Awesome Zae thanks for the quick response and these planned changes sound great. 8)
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    Special edition guild-specific raiding mobs

    Seriously why is it still cold?? ITS STILL COLD!! 8( ps. I understand, just being dumb 8P
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    Special edition guild-specific raiding mobs

    Yes, it is pretty chilly in here HAR HAR
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    Special edition guild-specific raiding mobs

    I didn't think it was that quality to be honest.
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    Hellgate: London

    Well I don't know if I would consider it to be much different from the way D2 was set up... I mean if you wanted to you could play the whole game by yourself without even talking to anyone else. Like all the city type areas are place where everyone can sort of meet up and what not, then off of...
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    Hellgate: London

    Hard to say tbh, I have never played it single player. I mean you have to realize that H:L and TQ are both pretty similar games so I'm sure if you like one you will at least find the other one tolerable at least. I am not really sure WHY you would choose to play H:L single player only though...
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    How does Harmony work.

    Ya from what I was able to tell you are better off just preparing on pulling the 2 or 3 then trying to harmony the mobs, because they are usually too close together that it wont matter or you will get resisted and they will all come anyways. There are some places where it might be helpful but...
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    Hellgate: London

    I haven't played it that much but me and my brother have been playing it together and I'm enjoying it right now so, its a pretty good game. There are a few problems with it though such as crashing at random points and getting stuck in the geometry (/stuck works though), in group play the game...
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