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  1. Waldoff


    Today Solosolki's girlfriend joined on to staff IRC to inform us that he has passed away. Solosolki began playing SOD in 2009, and has been a huge part of the community ever since. Over the last few months, Solosolki has spent numerous hours developing a zone for the continuation of the Ikisith...
  2. Waldoff

    2015 Account Drive Bonus Exp

    We might have brought in outside help with some of the cash to spur this on. We do need to find more places to advertise also, though.
  3. Waldoff

    Ring of Vengeance Quest

    You are most welcome!
  4. Waldoff

    Questions of Lore

    The first born means exactly that - the first dragon to be born.
  5. Waldoff

    May 2015 Account Drive!

    I offered a big amount of personal money for someone to finish it, and it fell through =(
  6. Waldoff

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    Everyone has this basic tech now in Athica B!
  7. Waldoff

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    This would not exactly work for it, but it makes me think that there has to be a way to make a cool Jayla model that is still a high elf, but is a little more unique.
  8. Waldoff

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    I had a cool quest using it all planned, but life kicked in and I did not finish it. So I put it on Santa Troll himself for this year!
  9. Waldoff

    Cunning Broken

    Anyone have an approximate date that this started happening? Can start narrowing down culprits.
  10. Waldoff

    QoL Fix: make shrink persist through an illusion proc

    Go for it! I was told it was somehow not easily doable. I will link this to Jumbers/Taryth too.
  11. Waldoff

    New Newbie Quest Bug Thread!

    What PC was this on? I just ran through it and it worked fine.
  12. Waldoff

    QoL Fix: make shrink persist through an illusion proc

    This bug does not exist because we want it to exist, but because it is surprisingly hard to fix with how the client deals with appearance packets. I will let a coder elaborate, but I know it has been looked at before.
  13. Waldoff

    New Newbie Quest Bug Thread!

    I will look into this tonight. When exactly in the quest did it occur? On first hail?
  14. Waldoff

    A crazy idea to help new toons

    I really, really want the new "Dream" in 2.5 to have this sort of tech.
  15. Waldoff

    A crazy idea to help new toons

    I just want to say that the new newbie quests (and many of the old ones) had their platinum rewards increased substantially. I am not sure if a quest that is specifically in place to give platinum is something we want, though. Also, nearly every city now has a bag quest for a fun large slightly...
  16. Waldoff

    I crash on zoning nearly 100% of the time

    This is very weird. I wonder why the VPN would help. Hopefully someone with better net chops can shed some light.
  17. Waldoff

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    The new Athica.
  18. Waldoff

    Horoks Graphic

    We are very limited with weapon models until 2.5 unless you want to redecorate the current one yourself.
  19. Waldoff

    Adventures In Texture Editing

    While I was trying to retexture athica, the little script I was making did not work correctly. Luckily, this is one of those rare times where the mistake turned out better than what you were trying for. I give you: High Definition Athica 2.0. I highly recommend you put these files into your...
  20. Waldoff

    Texture/Weapon Testing NPC

    No matter what I do, I can not add the new "FRO" race 26 textures. Anyone else willing to give it a try? Attached is the globalfroglok file that it needs adding to which has the other froglok skins already working.
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