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  1. iaeolan

    Bard Starting Stats

    Wood elf bards have the lowest starting stamina, be like the cool kids and go all sta.
  2. iaeolan

    2 instances in full screen?

    You must point the EQW path to eqgame.exe and not everqueѕt.exe
  3. iaeolan

    Why Microsoft is fail

    It's a decision engine. Since it's hard to search for things in google, right? I mean, using a search egine to get desired results is hard to do, you have to use all these quotes and plus signs and minus signs... what is this, math? I'm no mathmagician, so I use Bing because it makes my mind up...
  4. iaeolan

    Eye of Dreams - Whats it for ?

    Those are actually both from the Luclin expansion. They were once used in some form, but no longer do. Nexus is currently used as the refresh zone and a handful of other Luclin zones are used (ssra temple for cmal, for example)
  5. iaeolan

    My new USB Drive - Linux users should already have this

    I machined myself a new housing for my flash drive out of 2"x.75"x.33" aluminum that is held together by four .25" 5-56 allen screws
  6. iaeolan

    Lul musikkkkkkkkkk with a k

    I will blindly click this without question
  7. iaeolan

    What class would you be if a reset happend?

    You know... if there was a reset... it would be the prime time to start a warrior. You might just become a MT and forever be guaranteed upgrades and experience even when you quit!
  8. iaeolan

    For those that watched the E3 stuff

    I gotta get caught up on E3. Another super mario sounds bomb, galaxy was pretty damn cool.
  9. iaeolan

    What class would you be if a reset happend?

    Same as always, bard. I can't really get into any other classes. If I were rolling a duo I'd add a sham. I've had great success and enjoyment with that combo. Edit: Or an amputee
  10. iaeolan

    Fomelo Firefox Plugin

    Pretty nice, love the quick searches. There was a website that had a large collection of them, but I can't find it anymore.
  11. iaeolan

    Custom UIs for Dalaya

    Copy your default and overwrite it with the extracted files. You are probably missing files the UI did not modify, so it can not load properly
  12. iaeolan

    What makes a "good" bard?

    That takes care of most of them. A really good bard will actually move around to the back during enrage, but it requires a lot of skill.
  13. iaeolan

    SARS melee UI... doesnt show group or mob hp correctly

    You could load the default, move it, then reload sars
  14. iaeolan

    Song Window

    It's like that on all long name song UIs. Some bug with the client. I honestly don't see how it's more annoying than the extremely large default with no names.
  15. iaeolan

    What makes a "good" bard?

    You compared a good bard on live with a bad bard on SoD. Someone who plays the same songs all the time and rarely used detrimental songs is a bad bard. Someone who AFKs a lot is in general a bad player. Mana regen and mez are the absolute worst songs to leave playing constantly. Mana regen...
  16. iaeolan

    Song Window

    here's my copy
  17. iaeolan

    For our monks out there : Tai Chi Grandmasters Push Hands

    It would be impressive if it were done on someone who was unaware of this "technique" It's not exclusively korean and has many people claiming similar effect, with equally disappointing demonstrations. Seriously, if it were real, would the world not be utterly in shock and awe over this? Would...
  18. iaeolan

    Song Window

    Use the one that is almost exactly like it, but is older. It's on EQInterface. I use it.
  19. iaeolan

    Bard Twisting

    Enchanter/shaman haste does not stack and tbh, the bard "song" hastes are crappy aside from relic The only reason blademaster finds its way so often into my twist is because of damage shield and atk tbh
  20. iaeolan

    Bard Twisting

    I disliked the changes at first. It didn't help that there were a few annoying bugs at the time either. Years later I can say that I would very much hate to go back to the old way. Not because I have become lazy, but once you know this system very well you can play your character so much better...
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