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  1. Allielyn


    Tapein led the first guild I ever joined. My kindest regards to his family and friends.
  2. Allielyn

    Class Top 5 Thread

    LOL, if everybody gives it 1 star (for terrible) then all that means is it gets a gold star on the Classes and Gear page, whereas every other thread has no gold stars. It makes it look BETTER! You should all go over and give the other thread 5 stars, and maybe it'll stand out better!
  3. Allielyn

    Winter's Roar

    I played on Winter's Roar back when it was called that - it was the same game it currently is (in terms of customization). I don't think it ever actually *was* a true emu server - without the changed zones, etc. As far as I'm aware, it was always completely custom.
  4. Allielyn

    Malath and taldorians

    Was mostly done out of humor, but wasn't meant to be perma pvp flagged vs. everybody, but only to willing bounty hunters (who have to follow the God that was spurned). Could be NPCs that just jump you when you're least expecting it! But, a little bit of PC interaction would be fun too.
  5. Allielyn

    A discussion about Tank Archetype Balance

    Zae, what you did with the warrior stances was an awesome step in this direction - making the class more interactive (and therefore fun to play), and really rethinking from the ground up what the class should be good at and capable of doing. If *anybody* could do the job right, it would be...
  6. Allielyn

    Malath and taldorians

    Could have 'traitors' to certain gods flagged KOS to willing 'bounty hunters' who work for the aforementioned gods. Could be PC or NPC! Just a lil' bit of PvP for fun. Might help add some spice to the raid competition game, too!
  7. Allielyn

    the state of things

    I do too.
  8. Allielyn

    the state of things

    Those of you who insist that tin-foiling occurs anyways are right. But all of you are much to 'young' at this game to know what the tin-foiling was like *before* the more codified rules. Either that, or you are looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. I promise you: it is MUCH...
  9. Allielyn

    the state of things

    Back when I was an admin this was a jailable offense. It was never codified though, because nobody ever actually did it (well - that I knew of), so I never thought to write it down. I wouldn't be surprised if Tao does it soon, though. There is a VERY clear route to petitions, which...
  10. Allielyn

    the state of things

    I agree with you. Unfortunately, using 'guidelines' also promotes tinfoiling in a serious way. If GMs have discretion to give one person one answer but another a different answer, then players, who never see all the details in between, claim GM favoritism and corruption. All. The. Time.
  11. Allielyn

    Policy Questions Thread

    Part of this might actually be the unintended consequence of the death effects changes. It's just a matter of devs identifying where this might actually happen and then taking steps to prevent it, if desired. But there's a lot of previous content to filter through to do this. Sending a...
  12. Allielyn

    Thoughts from a current donator.

    Gonna agree with this. Take it to regular cities; it still allows you to (a) bypass the MoP, which is really nice, and (b) not have to farm for a clickie neck, which is *really* nice.
  13. Allielyn


    When I saw the op I was actually thinking this would be a great way to store tomes. Completed ones can be deleted (although it's a bit scary. . .) but if you're saving up 2-5 or more of the class and general tomes to do, it might be a nice think to have another place for them.
  14. Allielyn

    SOPA and PIPA

    Yeah. I don't know what to do about this. Maybe a Constitutional Convention of state governors to amend the constitution into declaring that all US legislators are part-time only, limiting terms to 2-4 (you pick) and capping pay and benefits to only extend to 1/2 time served? How feasible...
  15. Allielyn

    Fomelo and banned characters

    Ahh, yes. Some very few characters are banned because their owners gave their information out either nonspecifically or carelessly, and claim disputes resulted in character 'freezes'. In these cases, I don't see anything wrong with GM's not 'banning' the character but changing the password so...
  16. Allielyn

    Fomelo and banned characters

    I'm not sure I follow your logic. Are you saying we ban people for no reason at all?
  17. Allielyn

    Fomelo and banned characters

    I see no good reason to allow banned jerks to continue stroking their epeen by looking at (or linking) their characters online.
  18. Allielyn

    Enchanter Runes and lack of Codex usefulness

    It still feels like a small benefit for so much work, but I don't think it would hurt to have codices count for runes the same way they works for heals & damaging spells.
  19. Allielyn

    Policy Questions Thread

    Totally! Because people who use ringers are random jerks, and people who PuG are all random jerks too. =P This policy may not stand forever, but if you don't want to be smacked down (of course, we *always* look for opportunities to do this) then please follow the letter of the law as it...
  20. Allielyn

    [Wiki] Mountain King on the Raid Tiers page

    I like having the 6- and 12- man content on the raid tiers page because it does in fact require a certain minimum tier set of gear to do certain 6- and 12- man content. There isn't enough of it to make it's own 'tier' page and what would you compare it against, anyways? That said, a small...
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