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  1. RobbyBenson24

    Burglecut the Mute Bard

    Recently, out of curiosity, I logged into fomelo and noticed that some hero was still exping Burglecut. Without access to fomelo, currently, I tried to log him in to get an update of where he was tome wise. My old password did not work, so I reset it. If you are the guy who has gotten me a...
  2. RobbyBenson24

    WTB Bard Tomes

    Burglecut Requires: Crescendo 2 Blademaster's Rhythm 1/2 Quiet Reflection 1/2
  3. RobbyBenson24

    Problems Adjusting UI

    I recently had to load SoD on a new computer because my old one is fried. For some reason, only while on my main character, I can no longer right click on any of the windows to do anything to them (be it change faded level, normal level, filter text, change hitmodes, etc.). I am able to move...
  4. RobbyBenson24

    Bard Instrument Ideas

    In order to leave the Bard Runic 2 pure, I decided to make a new thread. Let me preface this by saying I am a very casual player who isnt well versed in the pure mechanics of the game. Ok, so now that everyone stopped reading my post. Would there be any way to make instruments equippable...
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